Friday, September 7, 2007

Pretty Little Church

Isn't this a pretty little church? It's actually a church in Lake City, Colorado. I took some pics of churches when we were there in August. Yeah, I was going to really do something with those pictures & the pics of flowers I took!!! Well, I did have some luck cropping this & printing in b/w. And the flowers did turn out ok. Gotta start somewhere!!
Actually went to a church today--not in Colorado!! Here in Oklahoma. My "ya ya" pal's dad passed away so it was "road trip to the funeral"!! A 2 hour road trip. On the way back the funeral was critiqued (sp?). It's too bad people aren't prepared to be eulogized when they pass. Perhaps if we considered, each day, what would be said when we're gone we'd live a little more carefully, love a little more publicly, hold onto those who are dear a little more tightly. Going to funerals always makes me reflect on my life & what will be said when I'm gone--besides "she sure liked sparkles!". I want it to be said that I loved my husband & kids more than anything else on this earth & they KNEW it! I want it to be said that I could always be counted on for a helping hand, a listening ear, an open heart, and a loving character. I want it to be said that I loved my Heavenly Father so much that I wanted to share Him with others. "All that and she kept her gorgeous figure"-- ha ha ha!!!!

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