Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Been A Month To Speak Of!!!

I don't think I remembered to wish all of you happy new year!! So, happy new year! And what a year. It started off with a BIG BANG in our household. On Jan 8, hubby was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he was first diagnosed with a TIA (look it up-too much explaining for me). But after an MRI, CT Scan, Angiogram, EKG, it was determined he had a full blown stroke. Yes, those were the technical words right from the Dr's mouth--full blown stroke. It happened in the cerebellum. Because he was in good physical health otherwise, he had no lingering side effects. After much testing (blood pressure/low, bad cholesterol/120, no plaque build-up), and no answers, he was given an ultrasound scope of his heart, and lo and behold---he had ASD. Now for all of you novice medical persons (of which I USED to be one) that means he had a hole in the upper chamber of his heart which allowed a blood clot to pass back into the blood stream. Apparently he is NOT the first to have this--??? (although you'd never know that by talking with him), he probably has had this since birth. It shows up later in life. So, the treatment was to have a GORE HELEX spiral occulater (aren't you impressed???) inserted to close the hole. The procedure was done like that of a stint insert--they go in both arteries in his legs with a camera and fishing line (not really) and insert a disc on both sides that closes via a wire run through the middle. Now he's back to "good as normal". But it did make for a scary time and alot of hospital visits!

And, did I tell you that our little Mack (left hand side) was born Dec 3? He's Hank's brother and quite the little doll.. actually, he looks just like Hank at that age. I think they are going to be carbon copies!! Next to Mack is his second cousin, Jacob, born in Sept. The two girls are first cousins! On this side of the family there are 6 little ones under the age of 4! Second cousin, Daisy, was born Dec 21. Don't you know next Christmas will be a hoot and a holler!!!
On to the next event---our son is getting married Jan 30. You guessed it---I'm preparing the reception food, cake, grooms cupcakes, and cookie favors!!! Glad I have a professional kitchen & employees to help with this!!!
We just love his fiance--she's already become like our daughter!
Well, now I have to run--have a women's meeting to attend---you know, go and plan some big hoop-de-do so I'll have something to do. I really need something to do. I think I have from 1 - 4 in the mornings open, and we wouldn't want idle time!! ha ha ha
Just checking in---will talk more later.