Monday, June 22, 2009

What's A Gal To Do?????

Blogging, facebook, twitter------email, IMs,-----wow--one could spend all day & all night on the computer just commenting & posting. Do you suppose we will begin to talk like robots, with no voice inflection whatsoever? Will we become so used to the computer scene that we forget expressions of the face, body language, etc? Say it ain't so!

I am as guilty of the next about sitting down to check up on all my cyberfriends & ready my fav blogs. BUT don't ya just miss seeing those sparkling eyes across the table from you? And aren't friendly hugs great? And the ups and downs of the human voice when excited, tired, angry, and so forth?

I love cards--real paper cards. Could spend hour after hour in a card store just picking out cards to send to friends and family--for no reason at all. I love writing with a pen or pencil; love to receive snail mail and send it too.

Hey--make a deal with me--no matter how cyber intelligent we get, let's not forget good old Hallmark---or Bic for that matter.

I love looking over the letters received from years past --- especially those of long gone relatives. Great Aunt Sophie, Granma Tommy, Granny Mae---looking at that handwriting reminds me of a time which I long to return. Somehow, I don't think printing out emails will have the same affect on my spirit.

So, tho I love checking the posts, let's not forget to take pen in hand.

And read more real books!!!

Have a great one!!!