Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Saturday Night~~~

Remember that song? "Another Saturday night & I ain't got nobody, I got some money cause I just got paid"?

I love the old songs from the 60's. And the 70's. Especially the 60's. I was 5 in 1960, and had already developed a love for music. And I remember nearly ALL the songs of the 60's. There was something really special about that music. Before Acid Rock. Before Woodstock. It seemed like such a simple time.

I remember listening to the radio on Saturdays. Wishing I was grown up and could drive. And could go out with my pals. Instead, I watched Petticoat Junction and let mom put those stupid pink foam rollers in wet hair for Sunday School. Use your imagination--you KNOW how cute the hair do was!!!

And now, it's Saturday night. It's almost 10 and I'm about ready for bed. You've come a long way baby! The last 40 years have FLOWN by. I did get to drive, got in all kinds of trouble, got married, raised kids, and stayed up way late. And now, well, another Saturday night.

TV didn't get much better tho. The shows of the 60's and early 70's had to be the best! I loved My Three Sons, Petticoat Junction, the Carol Burnett Show, Mannix, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart. The best writing ever---we'll never see that again. I don't care how good it may get, it'll never be that good---and simple.

Did anyone see the cast of Mary Tyler Moore on Oprah? In a way, it makes me sad to see reunions---they are all so OLD!!! And some have had way too much surgery & botox. They didn't even really seem that happy to see each other. When they hugged, it was the perfuntory, "don't hug too close" hug. That makes it even worse! Who wants to know they aren't close? That they didn't stay BFF? Talk about popping the bubble! I want them to drop by each other's homes for Sunday breakfast, raise their kids together, tell each other secrets, borrow clothes or at least sugar! I was really disappointed when I found out that Ethel & Fred from "I Love Lucy" actually HATED each other. It takes away from what one can believe!!! How can I continue to live in a fairy tale land when the fairies are ogres???

Ok, well so much for another Saturday night!

Hope you all have a happy Memorial Day Weekend. Be careful and stop to think about all those gone and not forgotten.

Eat well and prosper! (a little creative liberty!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NCIS--Don't Ya Love It!!!

NCIS---I really like this show!! It took me a couple of trys to get "into" it, but now I'm hooked. Actually, Big Daddy started watching first, and knowing he holds the remote, and I don't like to go to the bedroom at 7 p.m. to watch alone, I sat and went along. And now, I am soooo into it. Right up there with CSI. And Criminal Minds. Don't care too much for CSI:New York. Somehow I just can't get the flow of watching that. And CSI:Miami--well, watching Horatio is like watching Captain Kirk. They have the same "pregnant pause" motions, and the "talk to the camera" attitude. At least William Shatner doesn't take himself tooooo seriously!!

Now, back to NCIS---one of the things (people) I adore on the show is Ducky. He's just too cute. Does anyone else remember him as Ilya Kuriakan, on Man From U.N.C.L.E.? He was the ultimate sexpot of the late 60's!! Always dressed in black turtlenecks, tucked into black pants, with black Beatle boots. Remember? It's so heartwarming to see him back on TV.

And how about Pauley P? She was in the movie Galaxy Quest. Remember, the alien that "Monk" fell in love with and stayed to marry? She was quirky in that and she still is!!!

And, who can dismiss Mark Harmon? Wasn't it Chicago Hope? Along with others, I'm sure. More bio--his dad was the football star Tom Harmon, his sister was married to Rick Nelson, and his wife is Pam Dauber--you know! Mindy from Mork & Mindy!!! He's pretty sexy himself.

Love the Donozio character! Wouldn't you just love give some people the old "head slap" that he gets on a regular basis??? And McGee, sweet, naive McGee. Want to just hug that kid!

Too bad the director had to be killed off, but WAIT---exactly what was she dying of? Did they mention her "disease" and I missed it???? I know she took pills---they found those, but I never heard what they treated her for!!! Won't miss her too awful much--I didn't really think she & Jethro had chemistry!!!

It will be quite interesting to see how they save the team next season!!

Well, gotta run. Just wanted to hear from all of the fans!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ha Ha Ha

Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I just read Kari's post from today on Just Livin Large, and I can't quit laughing inside my head!!!

Now, Kari, I have to add to your sentiments. All of my life, I have been a member of the "Itty Bitty Titty Club"! And if you think THAT isn't a shopping nightmare! Most of the time, if the cup size is correct, it squeezes around the mid section til I am nearly blue from waist to well, to where ever!

Having entered the Perimenopausal Party, I am noticing a gain of weight in the booby area---unfortunately, in other areas also, but I am getting used to the tightness of clothing there! Anyway, I have gone through a couple of bra sizes in the past 2 years. Did I also mention I am short? So to get the straps where they don't fall of f my arms, I have to shorten the straps to the full extent. Which means the bottom portion of the contraption rises at will. And at won't!

So, I am finding what Kari describes to be sooooo true, as far as different sizes in different brands. Even in the same brands. Men design these, right????? Give me a sketch pad and a jock strap---I have some designing for ya!

And, just how fun is it to go "taking bras to the dressing rooms"! This is the LEAST (swimsuits excepted) fun item to try on. It's never adjusted, so the imagination is left to roam---what would this feel like if it were adjusted??? Do I dare adjust the straps---if I put it back on the rack, will the next person strangle? And WHO wants to put on bras that others have experimented with???? Kind of like panties, without as much chance of bodily fluid! Except if new moms are trying on bras. EEEWWW just skip that!

And you CAN"T say--how does this look on me????? Who cares????? Who wants to know?????

Go over and read Kari's post. It's a hoot and holler!!!

The week is progressing rapidly, and I have much to say, but NCIS is on---the finale---love me some Mark Harmon!! And I do like Abby. And all of the cast actually.

So good night all. Wonder who'll be leaving the show---not the Man From U.N.C.L.E. I hope!!!