Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!

Today is hubby's birthday!! Double nickle! Have you ever sat back and wondered how today got here so quickly???? I remember waaayyyy back when we were first married, without kids, and how we thought this day would never get here! It sneaks up, creeps in and BOOM it's here. I'm my mother's age when I thought she was "older"! And we certainly don't FEEL older -- well, at least in our minds. So happy birthday my best friend and love.

Today was the day I needed to be reminded that I am doing what I love--like---asked for! I overbooked for the morning. What a lesson to learn the hard way!! I should have seen the red flag as I opened the door to the kitchen this morning and spilled my tea all over myself. I should have seen it coming when I kept saying "sure I can work that in". Well, to make a long, LONG story shorter--I had three deliveries to make: one at 10:45, one at 11:15, and one at 11:30. Got to the first delivery and discovered all the salads and desserts were still in the kitchen. My stomach churned. What to do, what to do. Thank goodness for my father-in-law. I rang the house and told my mother-in-law it was an emergency, what had happened and to send him quicker than quick! She pulled him out of the shower, told him I had an emergency and sent him on his way. Luckily the first delivery was only 10 miles down the road. So, after setting up the first one, drove like a bat out of @#(@ to the next. Got it all taken care of. But I won't EVER book like that again. I have already turned down 2 for tomorrow! Never again!!! I don't care how large the debt I have to repay. It's not worth a nervous breakdown and upchucking!!!

Now I have one delivery tomorrow--2 cakes to finish--8 dozen sugar cookies to bake, and sandwiches to deliver in the afternoon. Not overbooking again!

And Saturday I will deliver the sugar cookies, and then I have a three entree, two salad and cake dinner to deliver at 6:00. And Sunday, a dinner for 70 at a church in Tulsa. Entree, 2 sides, salad, and pies---and cobblers!!! Not overbooking again!!!

Sunday afternoon we are having dinner at in-laws for hubby's birthday. Then I am going to collapse!

Oh, and did I mention that Hank is spending the night tomorrow night????? My mom is keeping him during the day tomorrow so I can cook and shop, and then I'll pick him up and take him with me to deliver at 5:00---might as well break him in early!!!

When hubby & I got married, he and his family owned their own business---they built pleasure/ski boats. For over 30 years, we were used to owning and working in a family business. Then when my kids were very small, I had my own ceramic shop---rented space, poured and fired, had all the equipment. After closing the boat business, hubby has worked at two different jobs. But my father-in-law has groomed us all (grandkids included) that owning one's own business is the ultimate. So, here we are again--working as family at a business. Of course, it's not as lucrative as the boating industry was, but the family is working towards a common goal.

Funny how life goes isn't it? And, as I drove madly from one delivery to another today, I kept thinking "this must be a sign from God that I am not to be doing this" but then I remembered the words from Randy Pausch that I love "brick walls aren't there to stop us, but to prove to us how much we really want something". How much do I want this? Well, this isn't a good time to ask---I'm drained! So maybe after a good night's rest I'll see things more clearly. Or more optimistically!!! Or more enthusiastically.

Have a good evening---get some rest!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cupcakes To Go!!!

Got a call from a gal who wanted cupcakes---cupcakes decorated as one cake, and that look like Spiderman! So, with no pattern, and no idea what I was going to do, this is what it turned out like. She liked the finished job--said the kids could just "grab and go" and wouldn't need plates. Ok, works for me. I wasn't thrilled with the final result, but she liked it, and that's what matters!!

Saturday Hank and Ashley came to visit. Seems Ryan had a huge amount of studying to do and they didn't want to stay in their little "pod" while it rained all day, so they came to town and we went to the mall! Fun time.

We had dinner at my sister's house Saturday evening---my contribution you ask??? Baked herbed chicken breasts and ---how'd you know??---leftover cupcakes!

Today we went to ShalomFest at Temple Israel. My son & his new gal pal wanted to experience the event and food, so we loaded up and joined them. It was good---I like Middle Eastern food. But I have to admit that I like the Lebanese version of the foods much better---they have more flavor and garlic! Bought a t-shirt that says "Shalom Y'All"--now isn't that just cute? And, of course, a Temple Israel cookbook. It has many Israeli recipes in it, but we got a kick out of the "enchilada" and "banana smoothie" recipes. And the "Chinese Chicken Salad". That's just not right! Guess you have to fill the pages with something---and, after all, the Jewish community is not secluded anymore. They have integrated themselves into the various communities into which they have moved over the years. Who thought there would be Jewish Okies????? There are definitely recipes from Israel that I will be trying.

This next week looks like it will be EXHAUSTING!!! Have something on the books everyday---and on Thursday-----well let's just say I came this close to overbooking!!! I have to have my father-in-law deliver two of the lunches whilst I deliver 3 others!!! See what I mean? I'm not--repeat NOT--taking any more orders for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I'm learning my limits---bills or no bills. A person can only be so productive and do it well.

Gotta run for now---everyone have a safe evening!! Shalom!!!