Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Second List!!!

For those of you not inclined to do this one, I give you the Food Fill-In Friday!
1. Chips or chocolate? _____chocolate!!!!!
2. Pickles on your hamburger? _____ always! But dill only.
3. Baked potato: with everything or _____no mushrooms, but everything else!!
4. The perfect meal _____one I am served!! Oh, do you mean favorite to serve??? That would be chicken chunks (double breaded), mashed potatoes & cream gravy, green beans, chocolate cake.
5. Martinis, wine, beer or _____don't like those three choices--but do like wine coolers, hot tea with amaretto.
6. Your favorite pirate is (technically not food, but still yummy)_____ JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!

The First List--

1. I met him--we went to school together, then began dating when our younger sisters played on the same softball team.
2. We dated-- 6 months before we got engaged.
3. I knew he was the one --we just fell in love, no magical "one" moment.
4. The thing I like best about him--he is compassionate, handsome, easy going, faithful, loyal; and he can put up with me--that isn't easy I know.
5. When he proposed--it was New Year's Eve & I said YES!
6. The song we had at our wedding--I'll have to go look that up!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to --decorating the house for Halloween--tomorrow my plans include --attending a wedding with sis, and maybe going out to eat with hubby-- and Sunday, I want to well, I want to go to my in-laws for hubby's birthday dinner!! And by gosh, that's what I' m doing!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Last Pics For Today--I Promise!!!!

These are pics of the cake I made for son's wedding.

It looks like Penny is bossing me around--but she's not--she's trying to keep me from loosing it!!!
And this is my ya ya sister & blood sister, Jennifer. She's my rock!

Another Ya Ya Gals Pic

Ok, this is the same group!

Ya Ya Gals

Ok--I'm really take a leap & posting a pic of me & my yaya's (minus one).
This was last year at son's wedding (the one that didn't take), and we are (left - right) Penny, Pam, Laura, Barbara & Carol Ann. OOPPS--two ya ya's missing.
Of course, Pam (me) has a totally different "do" now--think kinda "Posh" & blonde. Anyhoo--these are my pals, my confidants, my sistas, they keep me sane.We always have that much fun & more. We go to eat, laugh loudly, shop, laugh loudly, see movies, laugh loudly, and so forth. We can even fart in front of each other and still have fun!!! I am telling you this is one group of friends like no other. We've been together somewhere around 10 years now, and it gets better and better. We've pulled each other through so much crap, helped with weddings & birthdays, funerals & divorces, whined together, gone out of town together, and we plan on doing lots more through the years. I honestly couldn't bear getting up in the morning if I didn't have this group of soul sistas to lean on!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boo Hoo to Me!!!

Well, I'm going to whine a bit this morning--mainly cause if I rant at the family, I get the old "oh it'll be fine" speech!!! And I know, I know, many of you out there have to travel much, much farther to see your kids/grandkids, BUT. . . . .
Daughter & son-in-law (or should I say, the formerly loved person who is stealing my grandson???), are moving on Sunday. His grandfather gave him some land & they are moving to an apartment type home that is on the land. When he finishes school, they plan to build. And who can turn their nose up at 55 acres, but, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, it's 1 1/2 hours away, and I have had daily visits with my grandson since the day he was born! In fact, daughter lived with us for the entire pregnancy while son-in-law was in Iraq, and then they came home from the hospital to MY HOUSE, and lived here til little one was 3 months old!!! AND--they bought a house just 5 blocks away---now little one is 18 months old and they are ripping him from my care!!!
AND, worst of all, other grandmother lives just a "jump" away from where they will be staying!!!
I'm loosing my position!!! He won't remember me!!!! I'll NEVER see him!!!! What am I supposed to do for my daily "Hank Fix"!!!! HE NEEDS ME!!!! They won't give him everything his little heart desires like I do!!! They won't let him eat chocolate pudding for supper like I do!!!! Oh woe is me!!!
Like I said, I know some of you have it much worse, and I know that "this too will pass", but right now I feel betrayed, unloved, unnecessary, un -- you name it, I'm that un too!!!
Ok, I feel a bit lighter, not better understand! So I'll go and prepare for work. That little spot of heaven that I go to from 8-4 each day!!
Oh, I nearly forgot--today is good after all -- it's Wednesday & I will "feed the multitudes"!!!! And we'll have cake--just to make myself feel better maybe I'll eat two pieces!!!
Thanks friends, for letting me vent. And have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Soccer Day

Hi all--A day without a picture!! Sorry, haven't quite learned how to import images from places other than my pictures! I'll work on that.

Went to my niece's college soccer game today--she is a walk on & this is her first season with the college. SO she got 27 seconds of play time--she was EXCITED! Why? This is the first game that she has been taken off the bench, so she feels her foots in the door! And the team won--that's always good.

My niece is 19 and in her second year in college. We are such a close knit family, both emotionally and location wise, that I miss her terribly! Haven't seen her since summer and it was fun, fun, fun to be with her. My sis (her mom) and I tend to laugh, sing, act silly, and pull her in the middle of it when we are all together. So, enjoyed each other's company enormously!! We lost our brother when he was 19, and it has drawn our family closer together. We all live in the same small town, which means so very much to our parents, and to us. Also in the same town are my husband's parents and brother's family. His sister and my son just live 30 minutes away! My husband's brother passed away prematurely also, at the age of 39, so we value life and family more than most. And would you believe, my brother & hubby's brother were the same age, went through school together, and were great friends! This is a small community!!! Can't even describe the blessings we feel from having that support system around. My kids have had instant access to both sets of grandparents, and all aunts, uncles, and cousins all their lives!

Whew--that's enough blab about me for now. And it's bedtime--the cat & dog are lying at my feet begging with their big eyes to go to bed! So, friends, let's look forward to a wonderful week full of opportunities!!!