Friday, January 23, 2009


Aha! I finally got it! This is Boomer, my beautiful black cat. For the past year he has been pulling the hair on his tummy out--well, grooming it out. And some on the back of his legs. We have taken him to the Dr., and they did some "skin" tests, blood tests, and other tests, he gets treated regularly for fleas, and he is indoors 99.9% of the time. He's also been on antidepressants and still he grooms himself bare. I think it's probably allergies. BUT----what if it is this--my husband has lost most of his hair and shaves his head. As Boomer is the only other male living in the house, what if he WANTS to be bald also!!!!???? What if this is just him displaying his manliness????? So, I may be kind enough to try a cortisone shot, just one & see if that does the trick. But, if he continues, I think I'll introduce him to an electric razor!!! ha ha ha

You know what I hate more than cleaning house??? A DIRTY HOUSE!!!! I have this raging battle going on within --- I hate, hate, hate to clean house--it takes time that I want to spend doing fun things. But, even more, I hate a dirty house. So, what do I spend my off time from the kitchen doing???? CLEANING---and now I'm into reorganizing. Oh, the time taken away---oh, the dilemma of what to put where, and what to purge! Well, I am finding some really creative ways of making the most of my limited space in the house. And this is such an emotional cleansing!!!

Tomorrow night it's dinner at the house! Both kids & all the family are coming for spaghetti, caesar salad, apple cobbler & homemade rolls! I am so looking forward to sitting round the table, enjoying company of those I love. And, Erin is bringing her mom & dad---hope they aren't overwhelmed by family vibes! We love welcoming newbies to our table. And I particularly love cooking and observing as bellies are filled and laughs roll.

Well, gotta run---the sofa is calling!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This & That~~~~

Here's my little Abby---sad because I have been gone so much the past 10 days! I honestly thought that after the holidays, my business would slow down. Not so much! I had 2 and 3 lunches to deliver each day this past week, along with one breakfast for 50. And then Friday evening I delivered a dinner for 175; on Saturday, I catered the local Chamber of Commerce banquet for 175--complete with service. It was a whirlwind of a week. And this week began with 2 delivered lunches on Monday. However, I was able to take off today & Friday. And the weekend (except for an reception consultation appointment on Sunday). So Abby is happier today--I'm home with her!!

Speaking of the Chamber banquet--we served 5 different desserts--peach, strawberry & blackberry cobbler, Almond Joy cake, and these cute little things I have called "Cake Bites". I thought they turned out really well, and they were very popular--no leftovers there!

Now let me introduce you to my new "grandson"---my son adopted this black lab a couple of weeks ago. Evidently someone had turned him out in Tulsa in a busy intersection. One of my son's co-workers picked him up and kept him for about a week all the while trying to locate owners. The co-worker couldn't keep him because he already has a black lab, so guess whose tender hearted son took him??? He calls him Smokey. Smokey is housebroken, sweet, and doesn't get on furniture! They go for runs together, play fetch and hang out. I think he's pretty cute!

And now---BATMAN!!!! This is one of Hank's Christmas gifts; one of his favorites. He loves Batman, and plays with this each and every day! It's funny with Hank--only Batman things can be played with in the batcave--and only his "Cars" cars can be in the Cars backpack. Everything in it's own place! I'm seeing organization in his future!
So, you can see why I haven't blogged in a bit. I hope to be able to post more frequently after last week! I really miss this site and all my "cyber" friends.
How about that inauguration today!! I thought it was quite inspiring. And didn't the First Lady Obama look regal? She is the hope for glamour returning to fashion!!! Those two darling girls were all smiles. Wonder if they know the impact they are living??
Well, better run for now. Planning to do. Would you believe I had THREE calls for wedding receptions just today!!!! And one for a surprise birthday party. So lots of emails to return.
Happy week America.