Friday, January 25, 2008

Yum O!

This was so good--even if I do say so myself!! Penny & I worked a "pasta buffet" dinner last night, and this was the dessert!! Guests had their choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce--Penny & I put BOTH on ours!!!

We served lasagne, chicken fettucini alfredo, pasta w/marinara sauce, spinach salad w/tomato vinigrette, bread sticks & this FABO dessert!!! All of it homemade by moi except the breadsticks!! The guests seemed to enjoy all of the food!! Except the one person who had to have kosher--the hostess simply forgot!! But, he only had to bypass the lasagne. So I'm sure he was happy--he even asked for one of my cards!!!!

Tomorrow is the chamber banquet, for which I am cooking and decorating. The food prep won't be as intensive as last night, and I am really looking forward to decorating! The theme is Community & Education in Partnership. I had some ideas, and thanks to Penny, I got even more!!! Penny is soooo creative!!! You guys should all have a BFF like her!!! But not her---she's mine!!!

Anyhoo, just stopping by the blogsite to say hi and see ya later!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Sweet Niece

Ok, so it's Wednesday, which means I just finished feeding 100 people, and I got a brain flash!!! I was reading on Phyllis Renee's blog, and noticed she had a poll--the question was "did you have an imaginary friend as a child". Well, no I didn't, BUT it reminded me of my niece's imaginary friend when she was 4 (she's now 19). She had these two imaginary friends, Rocky & Jutin--that's right, Jutin, no s. Rocky & Jutin actually lived in Oklahoma City with their grandmother, but sometimes they would spend the night in her closet, or sometimes they would spend the night in her trees outside. But, they always came to visit at least 2 or 3 times a week. One day she & I were talking about them, what they looked like, etc., and I told her that Rocky was a pretty common name, but I hadn't heard "Jutin" before. I asked her if he was perhaps foreign. She put her hands on her hips, looked me in the eye with a very stern look, and said, "No Aunt Pam, Jutin is NOT foreign---he is fiven!" I nearly cracked up!!!

Another time she went with my son & me to get him a new gerbal--again, she was around 5. On the ride home, we were talking about naming the gerbal. I suggested the name "Barney" as we had just recently seen the movie with the little whatever they are things, Barney & Bianca. My son said "no, I'm not naming it Barney; it'll remind me of Barney Fife". To which my brilliant niece replied "Yea, don't name it Barney Fife, name it Barney Sixf!"

She continues to delight us to this day. She is a drama queen deluxe (takes after her Aunt Pam), and when she tells a story, you'd better have a couple of hours to listen cause you're going to get every stinkin detail of the story--from what someone ate while the story took place, to what she was thinking during the event!!! We have even been known to put her on a "word limit" when she starts talking!!!

Anyway, my niece is one light of my life---I absolutely ADORE her, and she is such fun to have around. She certainly keeps us on our toes. She's now in college, and is going into nursing---believe me, when she has patients, they'll get better just to keep from hearing her long winded stories! hee hee hee

And, hey Kari, it's about time you quit making pies and got back to blogging!!! That Kari has such a cutie patootie dog, Sydney---go check him out at Just Livin Large. I don't think Sydney is an "only child" but I never see pics of Blu!!!

Enough rambling---gotta rest for the cooking marathon ahead this week!

You all have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun Stuff

Got this from Tuesday Update. I love fill in the blank things. If you answer these, let me know!!!

Finish the sentence with the first thought that comes to your mind.

I know....I am trying the best I can.

I miracles.

I fought.... can't remember cause I don't like fighting! It makes me nervous

I am pretension, name dropping, unfair treatment of people

I husband and kids more than anything & my furry kids & soap operas, & naps & my friends

I need....some time to organize all my "stuff"

I take.....time to blog & pm painkillers!

I hear....the television blaring as husband watches!

I drink. . .hot tea, Dr Pepper, sweet iced tea, all the wrong things I know

It is . . . colder than blue blazes!

I hate....being late!

I use.... too much sugar!

I want.....things in order

I like.....baking & cooking.

I feel....tired

.I wear....flannel pjs, lots of bling
I left....????
I do..... believe in God, and like to call Christmas by it's given name!!!

I hope...I see Hank soon
I dream....crazy, crazy things--like the other night I dreamed I was at the prom with a guy I worked for over 25 years ago!!!

I drive....a Trail Blazer--or--my family nuts!!!

I music, sweet blissful music!

I type..... every stinkin day

I need... me time

I head would quit hurting for good!

I am.... loyal, compassionate, Christian, and still concerned about what my mom says!

I need . . . time to clean.

I regret.... too much effort to regret; doesn't make sense

I care.... how others are treated.

I the dishes, NOT.

I am.... best at who I am.

.I said....hmmmm.

I wonder....who wrote the book of love.

I hairstyle this summer

I cry...not often--after all I have British blood--we are known for being cold

I keys!

I leave... worrying to someone else.

Boy, am I boring, or what?????