Saturday, March 22, 2008

And The Winner Is. . . . .

It's SATURDAY--day to draw the winner for my "Celebrate 100" contest(?) . So, without further adieu!!!

Here's the pretty egg bowl that I snatched from the china cabinet to put all the names in for the drawing. Isn't this appropriate? I always try to be appropriate! If I had drawn last Monday, I'd have had a leprechan do the drawing. But, thank goodness it's today--I have lots and lots of Easter serving things. So, now I'll cut up all the names, fold them so Big Daddy doesn't peek, and have him draw one lucky ducky!!!

Here's the pretty egg bowl with all the names folded up, ready to be drawn. Each and every one screaming at the top of their folds "PICK ME". But, alas, there can only be one winner. I wish you could all win. It seems so, well, biased!!! But, being the follower of rules that I am-------

Here's Big Daddy's hand pulling out the lucky winner!!!

In case you can't read it well---MOSAIC QUEEN!!! Way to go Michelle!! Since I have your address no need to go any further!! You'll be getting something "special" from me!!!

My sis & I dyed Easter Eggs this morning--no kids, no grandkids, just her & me! Some traditions are hard to break!!! But, we forgot the eggs in the dye, and didn't they turn out pretty????? Love the vibrant colors. I'll let you know if she & I have our own egg hunt (for each other!) ha ha ha

These are just a few of the over THREE HUNDRED cookies I decorated this week!!! My sis came & helped me finish up this morning, and we are taking a few to my aunt. She's not feeling well, and is by herself, so we thought "What better to cheer her up than SUGAR!!!

Happy Easter to every Bunny out there!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Party with No Hidden Eggs Here!!!!!

Picture of Hank's birthday party--2nd cousins Michael (redhead/15 months old) and Tucker (9 months old).

Hank's party was Saturday evening, and we had a blast---and they were too cute!!! Hank got an "all terrain wagon"--didn't even know they made such a creature!!! But as they live out in the boonies, and have 50 acres full of slopes and rocks, his mama wanted a wagon that would last a few years. So Hank's Aunt Jenn got him one--what Hank wants, well, you know!

And he got lots of Thomas the Train stuff--lots. Michael wanted his stuff, and Hank was quite the gentleman and shared ONE of his trains. As he handed the ONE train to Michael, he told him "no more" with a finger pointed in Michael's face. Now, Hank can't legibly say too many things, but he sure did a good job on that!!!

This is what I will be doing this afternoon!!! All the cookies are baked and ready for their "clothing"!!!

Big Daddy (my nickname for hubby!!!), had a lady at work ask him last week if I would make her cookies. So, he had me get a flier together (for her) with all the information.

He called me at work that afternoon and said he had a "few" more orders. When he came home, he had 20 dozen cookie orders, along with 10 extra large cookie orders!!!!! So much for spring break!!! But, I will admit, I can do this work in my pjs without makeup!!!

I have them all ready to decorate, boxes to deliver in, and two days to decorate!!! But I want to get them all done today, cause ---- Hank is coming tomorrow to spend the night!!!! Yippee!!! He's now 2 YEARS OLD!!!! Where does time go???
Had the dreaded follow-up mamo smasher yesterday am. They turned me every which way but loose!!! I've had lots and they are always uncomfortable, but this H.U.R.T.!!! I nearly passed out. Problem was, the radiologist Dr wanted a good look at something on the CHEST WALL---do you KNOW how hard it is to get a good picture of the chest wall through the booby????? I now do!!! But, finally got a good, close one, and he said it was a lymph node--I have had a cold and that's what the culprit was. But he did say---DON'T WAIT ANOTHER 5 YEARS!!!!! Kind of smacked me on the boob--not really, but I felt that!!! So, I am quite relieved to know it was all for naught.
Well, bloggies, I must go and decorate!!! And clean, and whatever else I can squeeze into the day.
Have a good day! Don't forget--I'm drawing a name on Saturday morning!!!