Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Perfect Day & Then Another

This is the way Hank reacted when we said we wanted to take his picture!! How perfect!!!

Hank turned 19 months old on the 17th, and, as I was not working Wed, Thurs, & Fri, I got to go & get him Wed am and keep him til tomorrow evening (Fri).

I cannot tell you how this has made an impact on my life! Hank is my first grandchild, and I am totally, head-over-heels in love with him--but then, you know that if you read my blog! It's like the fog has lifted & I now understand what it is to love unconditionally. I thought I had this with my own children, but Hank has brought about such a different kind of love. I can't bear it when he wrinkles up his face & begins to cry--my heart feels as if it is being ripped out! When he smiles & laughs, I am complete--the happiest person on the face of the earth.

He is now beginning to communicate with the world, and it's so touching looking at things through the eyes of a 19 month old. He loves stars, flags, and pumpkins. We only brought 4 pumpkins home from the patch--and the porch is already full! He loves to play & laugh. He loves trucks--now I do too. And he loves me--this is the first love I have felt so intensly--at least in this manner. I just don't have words. . . . .

Tomorrow is the last day of his vacation with me, and already I am saddened. I want to be with him every day of every week of every month. I just haven't been able to thank God enough for sending me this bit of heaven!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jobs--Thanks to Sunday Scribblings

I just love writing--and mainly about useless, less than noteworthy subjects!! But, I do like to see the written word. And this intrigues me---everyone's jobs. Mine haven't been spectacular, but here goes:

1. First Job--had to have been babysitting. As the oldest in the family, I was well prepared for this, and as a "responsible" young teen, alot of moms called on me.

2. Worst Job--worked at the tag office for exactly 2 weeks. Yuck!!! No interaction with others, having to type perfectly---

3. Best Job to Date--probably the 2 1/2 years I spent as a dental assistant. I loved the pace, the changes from hour to hour. I was too young & silly to actually consider becoming a hygenist, or even a dentist. But I look back on those days as really ,really fun ones.

4. Fun Job--worked at 3 ladies clothing establishments. Granted they were in small towns, but I had fun. Didn't make anything!! Traded most of my pay for clothing.

5. Most Tempting Job--as a legal secretary. Worked both in my home town & at the larger metropolis as a legal secretary. The tempting part was that I worked for men really close to my age, and we were all young and not very rationale! Would put the phones on hold at 3 on Fridays and go out for Happy Hour!!! This doesn't meld well with a hubby & children at home, so it didn't last long!!!

6. Current Job--as an administrative assistant for the school superintendent (read secretary & catch all person!). Have had this job for 15 years!! And I was only going to stay 2 or 3. But life hands out changes that we don't foresee & I have been forced to stay in the workplace. I'm working for my high school driver's ed teacher!!! (Now Supt of Schools). It's a great place to work, it's 5 minutes from home, and there is no pressure.

7. Dream Job--caterer & baker. Am currently trying diligently to make a place for myself in this area. For the past 5 years I partnered with another secretary at school & we did "after hours & weekend" catering. During that time I took cake decorating classes. Last Nov I bought her out, and have stayed busy with the catering. Still, I would like to do this full time. That "stable paycheck" won't let me!!! Maybe when I get a little more ahead.

8. Fantasy Job--would be a chef & caterer full time. And people would look to me with awe, seek out my dishes, stand in line for my food, and schedule months in advance for my services.

9. Fact About All Jobs--have never, NEVER applied for any job!!!!! The dentist recruited me out of high school, the law office came to me to see if I would fill in, the school contacted me on the recommendation of a college teacher, and the retail shops liked the way I put clothes together so they called me. Have had several other jobs along the way--owned a ceramic shop, taught painting lessons out of my home, etc.

All these jobs--so little time left! ha ha ha

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And A Fun Time Was Had By All!

I want to share a fundraiser with you that I participated in last evening. A women's club, of which I am a member, has a fundraiser each fall to add money to our "scholarship" fund. This fund awards monetary grants to girls/ladies in college.
So--it's always a chore to come up with a "new & exciting" fundraiser, but this time it was both!!! As we have 2 meetings monthly in Sept & Oct, baskets were handed out at the second Sept meeting, and members drew for "themes" for their basket. One could spend as much or as little as they desired. The baskets were to be brought to the second Oct meeting (last night) and a silent auction was held. As we have a meeting, members were allowed time to bid before the meeting, and again after the meeting. When time was called, bid sheets were collected, baskets distributed to high bidders, and money collected. Fun and easy!
My theme was "black cats" (how appropriate!!!), and my basket is included in these pics. Now, granted, I am not the best photographer, but I think you can get an idea of how diverse & interesting the baskets were!!! Some baskets were auctioned for as little as $5, and some were auctioned for up to $40. Haven't heard the total yet, but each year we manage to add at least $200 to our funds. And only 16 attended last night.
So GOOD JOB gals!!! Another successful fundraiser!!!
Did you know that today is "National Dictionary" day? Who even knew there was such a day!!! It's held today, as this is the birth date of Noah Webster, and it's held in his honor!!! Now, how about a --word for the day--??? Borrowing right from the yahoo home page (cause I'm too tired to get up and find a dictionary!!), the word is SCRUPULOUS Meaning: acting with extreme care
Ok, that wasn't the hardest of words, but use that sometime today! And if asked what the heck you're doing using those 50cent words, just tell them it's all for Noah!!!
And, another reason for me to celebrate (as if dictionary day wasn't enough!!!), I don't have to work Wed, Thur, or Fri!!! Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy
Dance I feel like a new person!!! I can't wait to stay up later than 8 pm tonight!!! And, this is scary now, I can't wait to not have to go anywhere, clean house, and organize my catering & craft supplies! That's just wrong--to be excited about that! See what happens when you have too much "working" time!! I would just once, like to have idle hands for an hour!!! Would match my idle mind!!!
That's it for now folks, but I hope to take some pictures around the area during this time, and maybe have some inspiring thoughts -- not. Ok, how about humorous thoughts??? Random thoughts???? Simple thoughts????
You'll just have to come back and see!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Silly Ya Yas

Guess what???? This wasn't even close to Halloween!!! This is what my silly ya yas & I do when we get together. And it was last spring!!! We had gone to the "upscale" shopping center and had lunch at a quaint little sandwich shop. Then headed out to shop at the stores, found all these sunglasses, and began trying them on, rolling with laughter. The salesperson kind of acted like she didn't speak English the first time we asked her to take our picture, but when we beg long enough, we can get through to people!
Like I said, every now & then we go to the "upscale" center--you know the type, none of the women work--their position in life is to shop. And they all are so "hoity toity"--and so when we grace them with out presence, I'm sure they have something to talk about for weeks!!!
Every read Jill Conner's "The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love"? Or any of the Sweet Potato Queens?? If you haven't GO NOW and get a copy--quit reading and get the book!!! It is one of the funniest things ever, EVER!!! These gals honestly dress up and attend parades & functions as the Sweet Potato Queens!! I so want to be one of them. I guess you could call my ya yas & me "Sweet Potato Eyes"--you know, queens in training!! Being in the "upper mid south" we still consider ourselves "southern bells" (with bats in the bellfrey!), and have uproarously good, irreverant fun when we are together.
We haven't gotten together in several months, so an outing is due & I am soooo ready for a day with them. Talk about cheap therapy!!! No subject is too sacred, no bodily function too taboo, no family problem too secret---oh my granny's garters, I miss them -- the phone call is going to start tomorrow!!
Anyhoo---just thought I'd share a little fun tonight.
Have you ever been so pooped that you were lethargic???? I'm there sisters! I think I have pushed so hard the past two weeks that I'm below empty. Must not have heard the "low fuel" bell go off! This morning I just couldn't get wakened--managed to get dressed & make it to early service & Sunday School, but when I got home all I could do was through on the loungewear and sleep! Woke up, had a sandwich, and here I sit, posting this through yawns!!! Hubby said my body is trying to catch up, but I think it just stopped dead in its tracks. The skidmarks on the sofa are from my body rushing to lay down! I just hope I can shake it before work time tomorrow!!! Oh well, I'll just take some Excedrine Migraine--it's got so much caffeine that it gets me going for a while!!
Oh boy--Desperate Housewives is on! Bye!