Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And A Fun Time Was Had By All!

I want to share a fundraiser with you that I participated in last evening. A women's club, of which I am a member, has a fundraiser each fall to add money to our "scholarship" fund. This fund awards monetary grants to girls/ladies in college.
So--it's always a chore to come up with a "new & exciting" fundraiser, but this time it was both!!! As we have 2 meetings monthly in Sept & Oct, baskets were handed out at the second Sept meeting, and members drew for "themes" for their basket. One could spend as much or as little as they desired. The baskets were to be brought to the second Oct meeting (last night) and a silent auction was held. As we have a meeting, members were allowed time to bid before the meeting, and again after the meeting. When time was called, bid sheets were collected, baskets distributed to high bidders, and money collected. Fun and easy!
My theme was "black cats" (how appropriate!!!), and my basket is included in these pics. Now, granted, I am not the best photographer, but I think you can get an idea of how diverse & interesting the baskets were!!! Some baskets were auctioned for as little as $5, and some were auctioned for up to $40. Haven't heard the total yet, but each year we manage to add at least $200 to our funds. And only 16 attended last night.
So GOOD JOB gals!!! Another successful fundraiser!!!
Did you know that today is "National Dictionary" day? Who even knew there was such a day!!! It's held today, as this is the birth date of Noah Webster, and it's held in his honor!!! Now, how about a --word for the day--??? Borrowing right from the yahoo home page (cause I'm too tired to get up and find a dictionary!!), the word is SCRUPULOUS Meaning: acting with extreme care
Ok, that wasn't the hardest of words, but use that sometime today! And if asked what the heck you're doing using those 50cent words, just tell them it's all for Noah!!!
And, another reason for me to celebrate (as if dictionary day wasn't enough!!!), I don't have to work Wed, Thur, or Fri!!! Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy
Dance I feel like a new person!!! I can't wait to stay up later than 8 pm tonight!!! And, this is scary now, I can't wait to not have to go anywhere, clean house, and organize my catering & craft supplies! That's just wrong--to be excited about that! See what happens when you have too much "working" time!! I would just once, like to have idle hands for an hour!!! Would match my idle mind!!!
That's it for now folks, but I hope to take some pictures around the area during this time, and maybe have some inspiring thoughts -- not. Ok, how about humorous thoughts??? Random thoughts???? Simple thoughts????
You'll just have to come back and see!!!!!

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