Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Post Christmas!

Yes, we had a white Christmas here in the heart of Oklahoma. It was the most beautiful day. And, we were home--that makes it even better.
Unfortunately, my son's fiance couldn't make it to her home so they arrived on my doorstep Christmas Eve and stayed two nights. What a great present for us--we got to spend some real quality time with her before the January 30 wedding. We had no preconceptions of what to do this year--as the ice & snow cancelled many plans, we just sat back & let it happen. My parents, sister & her family live close (same town) so we had Christmas Eve dinner of potato soup & gourment grilled cheese sandwiches---yes, I said gourmet! Havarti cheese, cranberry chutney, avocado, red onion, turkey, ham, pepper jack, applewood smoked cheddar--your choice. They were so yummy! And, of course, chocolate & peanut butter fudge, rum cake, and sugar cookies. But wait! We didn't stop there! Christmas morning is the "annual" breakfast at the house--blueberry pancakes, bacon & eggs, smoothies, hot cocoa. Full as ticks you might think? No way--we continued with Christmas dinner at sis's! Chicken picatta, salad, steamed veggies, desserts--and on and on. No wonder I can't fit in the clothes!
On Saturday the kids decided to leave, and within an hour, we had a call from my daughter & son-in-law--who live far enough away that they missed Christmas Eve & Day---and they were coming for the night! So Saturday evening we opened the feed trough once again--chicken & cheese enchiladas, with choice of : black beans, avocado, onion, black olives---
They opened presents -- which with a 3 year old is the best entertainment in the world! And we all got to hold Mack--who is 2 1/2 weeks old! All the local family returned and we played games and laughed and enjoyed the company of a loving family.
So, I am really sorry for the ones who missed out on spending time with family due to inclement conditions, but it worked out so well for us. I just sat back and counted my blessings--which have been many this year. In a month we will have a new daughter-in-law & we couldn't love her more---couldn't have hand selected one we were more pleased with! And we have been blessed with 2 of the most wonderful grandsons! And they are so cute to boot. And so smart. And so --- well you get the idea---we are CRAZY about them.
Many thanks to the good Lord for what He has given to us--and we are so undeserving. But so grateful. May His blessings multiply to you and yours in the New Year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well hope one and all are settled in for a day of giving thanks--don't feel you have anything to give thanks for? Well, if you have to work on this day, you are one of the minority who have a job. If you are dreading spending the day arguing with family, well, you at least have a family to bicker with. If you are already feeling the calories attaching to your hips, stomachs, thighs, do I really need to explain this? If you are away from home, do you see the beauty of nature around? Is there a friend you can take a piece of pie to? Could you at least take a walk & be thankful you can walk???
I have so, so much to be thankful--mainly that I still live in the greatest nation in the world. That I have worked so hard today---doing what I have always loved to do--COOK for others. That I have a loving family--no, I didn't say perfect; how boring would that be??
That I have two additions coming to the family--little Mack Alexander the first week of December & precious Erin through marriage to my son on 1/30. There's nothing like a growing family. And we are excited about both! We begin another trail on our life's journey.
I love this time of year--I'm thankful for the red, orange, crimson leaves that fell from the trees, the Christmas decorations that are going up on houses & businesses, the Charlie Brown special, the cool, crisp air that keeps us reminded of the cycle of life, so much more.
Love the Norman Rockwell paintings of holidays. I like to imagine that's us---you just know that there are kids screaming in the background, mountains of dishes piled in the sink, burnt rolls on the counter, football games distracting men from our conversations--all of the "normality" of family life.
Must run for now--laundry to finish, a house to straighten, you know, make the kids think I'm the perfect (ha ha) mom.
I am also thankful for my blogging friends. I have neglected all of you so this past 6 months, but I still read in the wee hours of the morning, even tho my fingers are too tired to respond. Keep the posts coming dear ones---and have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins & Other Things

Here comes the Great Pumpkin--right down Pumpkin Lane.
That just goes to show why we don't have Halloween Carols--they're too hard to pen!
It's been a long, long time since I've had a few minutes to post. And will probably be a while before I do again.
But, this being my fav time of year, and being I don't have much planned for the next few minutes, and being I have missed this soooo much---here I am!!
My little pumpkin, Hank, is ill--he has flu & pneumonia. But, they started him on meds, and the Dr thought both were in the early stages, so he's home recovering. Just hate it when kids are ill. It's difficult to be pleasant when you are adult & ill---millions of times harder when you're only 3. And to this day, moms & dads don't get that. You have to become a yaya before it totally sinks in!
Plans for Halloween? We have the annual Trunk or Treat here in town, and Friday is the Merchant's Costume Contest---I think we're going to participate this year--depends on the weather. That's right, I said the weather. We are planning to do something to the outside of the kitchen front & if it rains Wed & Thurs (as predicted) that could put the hiatus on that!!!
I would like to take the time to carve some pumpkins--and by golly I just might. That's one of the things I miss most about having kids at Halloween--they keep you accountable for all the "traditions". Making costumes, baking cookies, carving pumpkins, fixing hot cocoa. All of those things that make this season so fun--yet are so easy to lay aside when no one is there to push the point. I think that's the reason we get old! We forget to have fun--to play--to create. And we become grouchy old blobs!!! So, get up off your tush & let's get to celebrating!!! Ok, I think I'll do some more decorating. Or maybe I'll go ahead & bake some cookies!
Drove through a neighborhood last Friday evening that was really decked out--didn't have my camera!! boo hoo Sooooo I think I'll go back one evening this week & snap some shots!! Hope they don't report me!! I'll post them too!!!
Have a good week all---and get to having some fun.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Butter Making Days!

This is my son-in-law stirring the apple butter in town square at Mt Vernon MO.
Courthouse steeple in Mt Vernon.

Apple Butter Making Days awards. Think these were "special order"????

And here we are--except Erin, who was taking the picture. Daughter, son-in-law, son, me, Hank, hubby. Yes we all loaded up (even my sis & her husband--I'll have to share more pics later) and drove to Mt Vernon MO a couple of weeks back for Apple Butter Making Days. This is a festival that has gone on for several decades. It's a BIG deal in Mt Vernon & over a 3 day time period, they have around 30,000 visitors--not too shabby for a town of around 4,000!!!
Lots of crafts, talents, and food--lots and lots of food. Lots of apple butter! It sells out quickly so we got our case first! And it is delicious!
Looks as if this will be our vacation this year. The economic fall hit us pretty hard, but we are recouping! Hubby finally found a job in June, and the catering is steady, so can't complain. We are determined to stick to our policy of not owing for anything-- no vacations, no big outlandish Christmas presents, no THINGS. It's quite freeing actually. We no longer assess our "wealth" by the things we aqcuire. We've become more focused on who we are than on what we have. And it feels pretty danged good! We now know to enjoy each & every moment regardless of where we are, we take time to visit with family rather than taking time to decide what we shall do! Time will come when we can visit the country, but right now, we are so very grateful for how God has blessed us. We have health, we have food, we have a roof over our heads.
And today, of all days, that being blatantly shined in my face. I am on my way to a funeral--a girl I was raised with, her mother is one of my mother's best friends, we spent alot of time at their home growing up. She was 4 years younger than me, so we didn't "run around" with one another. But she was part of my background. And she passed away suddenly Thursday morning--died in her sleep. Makes me stop and take stock of what is important. And it sure ain't things!!! It's my kids, my family, my husband, my spiritual growth, untangible items that are eternal.
Whew--enough of the "debbie downer"!!! It's a beautiful day--sun shining; I was afraid it had closed it's doors due to lack of funding! It's crisp cool--just the kind of weather that makes you feel alive. Pumpkins are showing up on all the doorsteps, fall colors are beginning to show themselves, the harvest moon is on the horizon. It's just great---I love this season!!! Best of all-The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will be on soon---
And then the season of overeating!!! What more can a plump gal ask?
Ok, enough rambling. Have a wonderful fall day!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Reunions

1st & 2nd cousins.
All the gang who showed up.
Yes I know you don't have a clue who these people are--and I don't intend to list all their names. BUT--this is a family reunion from my dad's mother's side of the family. And these are the remaining few.
It makes me a bit sad that so many of them have gone --- and that a few others don't attend. It makes me a bit sad such a one time large family has dwindled.
My grandmother was one of 7 (I think???) children. And then they all married and had children. So at one time, this was a big group getting together. I remember 35 years ago, when I was newly married, meeting with great uncles, 2nd & 3rd cousins. I just didn't appreciate how meaningful those family ties would become.
Why do we miss those so very much when we didn't even see them that often? Well, because that's our family. It's where we came from and who we were & are. My grandmother stayed here in her hometown until she was unable to care for herself alone. I believe 2 of her brothers stayed here also. Other brothers lived only 30 minutes away; one had the nerve to move out of state. But even with all the closeness of proximity, families got so busy raising their own kids, working, keeping up with daily life, that after "great grandmother" passed, the gatherings diminished. It was too bad, cause we have such a great time when together!
My dad had only 1 sister & i brother--he never married. I had 3 cousins, girls, that we were raised with almost like sisters. We have tried to remain active in one another's lives, but, alas, it is difficult.
Still, when we get together, we laugh til our sides hurt, reminiscise, gossip, eat, hug---we are family. We will forgive faults & failures, rejoice in triumphs, love unconditionally--we are family.

Monday, September 21, 2009

If I Had Known. . . . . .

It's now been a year since I quit my stable, regular hours job & bought a catering business. What a year! A year of getting my feet wet in this business--of learning how to take really deep breaths when frustrated, cause nothing else will suffice--learning who should do what around the kitchen---so many more "learnings" but it would just bore you to tears.

One major thing I have learned is how tough I really am. When I'm dead tired, but have to finish the dishes, set out the trash, make the paperwork for the next day, schedule orders in the right fashion, make a grocery list, I have learned I can keep on moving! And I have learned that I can only please one person--myself.

This "owning one's own business" is not for the frail or weak! The business never leaves--it's like a shadow, always right behind me. Even when I take a day "off" there are errands to run, groceries to purchase, menus to plan. It just never stops. And the stress of it all can be overwhelming! But, there again, I am one tough cookie.

I love the picture at the top of this post--even have a card. But it really, really has alot to say about my life! I "spot" clean, do laundry, wipe off the toilets, but my gosh--how I long to clean out the closets & rearrange the kitchen cabinets! That's how desparate I have become for "me" time!!! I'm willing to do housework to relaxe!!

Just wanted to keep in touch--hope you are all ready for fall cause here it comes!

Happy Fall!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Have I Been????

Wow-it's been a long LONG time since I updated my blog--hope I haven't lost any friends--It's just that summer has been long & hot, and alot has been happening. The picture above pretty much sums up what I do 24/7. I cook, bake, serve, arrange, display, and do it all over again. The above was a "pink & black" shower given for a friend of my sisters. It turned out really cute and, of course, the food was deliciouso!!
And then there's Hank--the apple of my eye, the treasure of my heart. I try to have him at least one night every two weeks--I'd have him over more, but his mom & dad are stingy & won't give him up. It's like they LIKE him or something!! ha ha But he is growing like wheat--and now he's going to be a big brother. Mack Alexander will be born sometime around Dec 10. We are too excited to describe. AND--the kids are trying to move back to this area. Like 5 minutes away from me. Like I will see them every stinkin day if I choose!! Nooooo I'm not glad at all!!!

This wasn't part of the above shower, but it was for another shower. Seems like all the gals are requesting pink and black! Well, I like the combo also, and I like the zebra effect on the cake.

These were part of the pink & black shower. They were really cute! Oh it's so much fun to take creative license! And most of the time the shower givers let me.
This summer wasn't nearly as slow as I had anticipated. I really thought July would be a lazy time---but NO! It was extremely busy. No complaints tho--it pays the bills! The past two weeks were a little slower but the calls have been coming in this week. One year ago today I was so afraid of jumping feet first into this venture. I was working my final days at the school and trying to understand all of this catering. Now, after one full year, it is so much more comfortable! I do miss the office crew & the comradery that we shared--I have to stop in & see them every so often. And they do call on me to provide food when needed, so the cord isn't completely severed!
But life has definitely changed. And I am working my butt off and enjoying (almost) every moment! Except when I drag home exhausted. Which is at least 2 or 3 times a week. But after a good nights rest, I'm ready to rock & roll again.
AND--I have become an addict. Yes, I admit it--I have joined the wonderful world of facebook. It has hooked me up with so many friends & acquaintances I haven't heard from in eons. It's been fun to have popcorn conversations.
AND--hubby has gone back to work---yoo haw!!! We once again have insurance & steady income (from him). I'm certain he feels better about himself also. He's back in the aerospace business & we are fully aware that could change at any given moment. But for now, we'll just take one day at a time.
Ok, gotta run & email some quotes for fall events. Just wanted all of my cyber friends to know I will still be reading your blogs!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello August!!

Gosh, where does the time go???? Today is the first Monday in August, kids are preparing to return to school, summer is winding down and today I had a ROOT CANAL!!!! Yes, I know none of those things have anything to do with the other--sometimes I talk in circles!

I had today off & tomorrow also, then the calendar is full. Don't you just love a day off? Just the sound of it is relaxing!!

So, not much going on--except the ROOT CANAL. I must confess, it wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Well, that is, after the injection! Since the tooth was a lower one, the entire nerve had to be blocked---ouch! Then it had to be "renumbed" as I felt something! Ouch!!! After that it was smooth sailing. The Dr appeared to be something like 15 years old. It's sad how young the drs are looking these days.

So now it's evening---I have tomorrow off---and I'm enjoying life!

You have a good evening & I'll post more later.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down Time

I found some pictures taken last year during our Colorado vacation & thought I'd share them--perhaps again? I don't remember! Anyway, today I have a day off. And I'm running around trying to do anything and nothing. I start one thing then decide to go to another. So, as usually happens, nothing will get finished!!! Our days are so filled with timelines, committments, meetings, etc., that we have totally forgotten how to just "be". Just sit & relax. Try it---bet your mind's voice will start to tell you the house is dirty, the laundry needs folded, dinner needs planned, projects need finished, the lawn needs mowed. And on and on and on it goes. Until sometimes one just has to say STOP!!! And see the flowers!! (Nice seguey, huh????) I'd love to be looking out the front window and see this--it was soo cool (temperature) there. I'd like to just take it all in once more. Guess in my mind's eye???
And these beautiful poppies---we were so enamored with the colors of the mountain flowers. With all the 100 temps here, the flowers are spending all their energy here just surviving! But up in the mountains, where the days are cool and the nights are cooler, and streams flow around each and every corner, the flowers can take the time to work on those gorgeous colors!

Aren't these lush? They remind me of velvet. Maybe a Valentine's flower, or a Mardi-gras flower. Love those combinations of Mother Nature!!! She's certainly not afraid to combine the most vibrant of colors in the most unusual of ways. Extravagance of the eye!

And now, I'm thinking of a couple of other things I can run to. Oh right! Relax!!!
Have a great day!

Friday, July 17, 2009

But It Relieves Tension. . . . . .

My name is Pam and I am a tooth grinder---is there a Grinders Anonymous? I grind my teeth in my sleep, when I'm pressured, and sometimes when nothing at all is going on!! If not grinding, then I can sure put a "lock" on my jaw. So anyway, I guess I have been grinding my teeth while sleeping, and now one of my teeth is uber sensitive. It hurts to the touch--it hurts for no apparent reason. So badly that I must take a pain pill daily (and I don't like taking pills, thank you Jefferson Starship).
Let me describe my day yesterday & perhaps you'll join me in a good grind. Hubby called me from the kitchen at 6:15 AM yesterday to let me know the filter on the ice machine had sprung a leak. Water all over the floor--he needed to go on to his "other" job, so I rushed down with the shop vac to sop. When I saw the leak hadn't slowed, I called my father-in-law (bless his heart) who brought his industrial sized shop vac & came to help out. We sopped and mopped til we nearly dropped, then we stopped! I had food to deliver--we sat a pan under the leak and rotated turns emptying it.
Proceed with the morning: I left for a delivery 30 minutes away, Karen left for a delivery 45 minutes away and we left father-in-law to deliver 15 minutes away for a bank board luncheon. As I drove away from my delivery, he called & informed me that the luncheon was not this Thursday, but NEXT Thursday. After calling the gal who scheduled it (and being told, "but I told you in my email"), I just smiled (read gritted my teeth) and told her we'd sure be there next week.
As I pulled into a supply store I looked over and realized I had not taken the hot rolls into the delivery---back to the clinic at break neck speed to get those rolls in. After all, the delivery was for 35 & some of them would have missed the rolls.
So, as I was driving home with the toothache, I broke down & called my dentist's office only to receive a recording that he wouldn't be back in the office til next Monday. Egads!!! Pop another pain pill. No, I won't go to another dentist---I am terrified of them all & this one has "proven" himself to me, so it's him or nobody.
Well, at this point I was as low as a snake's belly and the phone rang. I started to let the voicemail get it and ignore! But being the responsible woman I am, I answered. And I'm glad I did! It was the secretary at the bank telling me the mix-up was indeed her fault & they wanted to go ahead & purchase the food for an ill employee! Somehow, things always work out. Somehow the silver lining shows up just before the trigger is pulled--ha ha.
And that, my dear friends, is why I am a tooth grinder. Not an organ grinder, which has no painful affect on the body, but a tooth grinder. And I shall remain in pain until next Monday. Oh heck, it's not unbearable--not with the "magic pills" but it's there.
Now another silver lining for today--I get to attend Affair of the Heart w/my BFF & Hank is coming to the house tonight. See why the grinding stops????
Now, you go and have a great weekend and keep the teeth apart!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Wowza---it is hot, hot, HOT here in Oklahoma!!! Like in the 100's hot. Like eggs cooking on the sidewalk hot. Like --- well just trust me, it's too hot to move!!

I'm going to share some family pics with you today--we had yet another dinner (we love to eat!) this past Saturday evening at my sister's house. And all the fam came out. Gotta love those family gatherings. Gotta love that food-- Anyway, here's one of my son and his precious girlfriend. They have been dating for -- hey I think it's been about a year now--- and we have certainly been smitten with her. She's a real doll--inside and out.
And this--well need I say this is my favorite little man in the whole entire world????? He's learning to swim and must have his goggles. And his mommy. He loves his mommy---he loves daddy too, but he LOVES his mommy. I never knew I could love another little one as much as I did my own two, but it happened! He stole my heart and I am besotted with him. Can't stand it when he's away for too long---then I find ways to get my "Hank fix". And now we're going to add another one----happy dance, happy dance!!!
Oh, how sneaky of this cake to jump in!!! It was ordered for a baby shower Saturday morning. The top layer is chocolate and the bottom vanilla. They were greatly pleased with the way it turned out.

Well, after the pic of the sneaky cake--back to the fam--here's Hank's mommy & daddy---my darling daughter & her hubby. She's the best mommy a kid could wish for. And she's a doting wife. And a wonderful daughter----couldn't love her more!!

I, like all other parents, are sooooo proud of my kiddos. They have each turned out so very well---hard working, compassionate, funny, loving, thoughtful---all those things you want to see in young adults. So, I wanted to share them with you. I don't do that too often, but today is the exception.
Now, about these HOT days----hard to believe that in 90 days --- just 3 months---it'll be fall, the leaves will be turning, football will be in full swing, the holidays will begin!!! But today it's just HOT!!! And when you work in a kitchen, the heat is monstrous!!! Business is hopping--I've been so busy that I don't have time to think about anything else. Well, almost--
Enough for today--my brain is baked, and I must recline!!! Have a great week.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Happy 4th!!

My goodness! It was a day for sitting (lounging) around with family & friends at Granny's annual 4th of July cookout, swimming party & fireworks show!! Above is my nephew's son, Tucker, who just turned 2, but knows how to kick back!!
The morning started out with thunderstorms, lightning bolts & torrents of rain, but by 1:00 the sun had come out, the storms subsided & it was off to the pool. Above is Hank the Tank having a moment of total glee in the pool. With 3 little ones under the age of 5 one can only imagine the giggles & silliness that was had!
Tucker, Hank & Natalie, along with Uncle Nate, played and played in the pool. Natalie was the big winner in the swimming pool--she can swim without a life jacket and dive off the board. Tucker & Hank splased around in the whirlpool where they could walk around the step from side to side. I didn't get the picture of all the kids (30 and under) playing with the mega shooters Granny supplied. Boy, did we have fun and get wet. I've never heard so many happy laughs!!

Uncle Alex showed Hank the proper (???) stance for golfing---we only let him hit the used smoke bombs. Golf balls are toooo dangerous in large groups!! But Uncle Alex is Hank's "look up to" guy & the little smoke bomb holders were great for this!!!

And no visit to Granny & Grumps' house is complete without the golf cart ride. Natalie lives next door, but she'll jump at the chance to get on the cart with Hank & Grumps to drive to her house. Granny & Grumps live on a cul de sac, and golf cart rides around the area are one of the favorite pastimes!! Hank will to any time anyone gets on the cart & is happy with any length of ride!
Sof after all the swimming, we "dived" into hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, coleslaw, pasta salad, fresh tomatoes, apple dumplings, blackberry cobbler, chocolate cake, home churned ice cream, lemonade & iced tea. Yummy!! So much to eat it took the entire day & night!! Sounds like alot of food no? Well, there were around 20 people there --so alot of food was required!!! Oh, forgot to add the fruit pizza made with fresh strawberries & blueberries!! Even the corn was fresh! Love summer's bounty!!!
The sun finally went down, and the fireworks began. Everyone in the cul de sac had their own loot, so we got 4 times the show for one price!!! ha ha ha And several neighborhoods on acreages within the mile area were adding to the send off. Booms & blasts & colors galore!
Would you believe---we cleaned up the carport, took down all the folding chairs, moved all the food indoors, picked up all the trash, shut down the happening AND the rain began once again!! Just as we arrived at home--safe & sound!!! We didn't have to wash off the drive way on Sunday after all---
Hope you all had a joyous 4th---we sure did. Thank you Lord for our family with all their quirks and our friends. We are soooo blessed!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's A Gal To Do?????

Blogging, facebook, twitter------email, IMs,-----wow--one could spend all day & all night on the computer just commenting & posting. Do you suppose we will begin to talk like robots, with no voice inflection whatsoever? Will we become so used to the computer scene that we forget expressions of the face, body language, etc? Say it ain't so!

I am as guilty of the next about sitting down to check up on all my cyberfriends & ready my fav blogs. BUT don't ya just miss seeing those sparkling eyes across the table from you? And aren't friendly hugs great? And the ups and downs of the human voice when excited, tired, angry, and so forth?

I love cards--real paper cards. Could spend hour after hour in a card store just picking out cards to send to friends and family--for no reason at all. I love writing with a pen or pencil; love to receive snail mail and send it too.

Hey--make a deal with me--no matter how cyber intelligent we get, let's not forget good old Hallmark---or Bic for that matter.

I love looking over the letters received from years past --- especially those of long gone relatives. Great Aunt Sophie, Granma Tommy, Granny Mae---looking at that handwriting reminds me of a time which I long to return. Somehow, I don't think printing out emails will have the same affect on my spirit.

So, tho I love checking the posts, let's not forget to take pen in hand.

And read more real books!!!

Have a great one!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Brand New Me!!!

Hey friends & foe---I have another blog! It's all about the kitchen, so go over to: threesisterskitchen.blogspot & check it out.

Now remember, I haven't had alot of time to customize this site--bear with me & it'll get better & prettier with time.

I'm still keeping up with this blog-but it's going to continue to be my "personal therapy" while the kitchen blog will be "scenes from a caterer's life".

Come on over!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Royal Delight

Wow! What a fun day I have had. This morning I co-hosted a "Princess Tea" at the local library. It was the brainstorm of mine & another young lady who lives near my in-laws & has a daughter 4 years old.
We started talking about how fun it would be, how it could benefit the library in signing kids for the summer reading program, etc., etc. So--we limited it to 25 young ladies under the age of 10 years who would be required to attend with their mom or another adult. The library put a blurb about it in the local news & told the "storytime" group, and within a few days, the event was full.
Most of the young ladies were ages 4-7--and they dressed like princesses! They were sooooo cute in their princess dresses (some complete with wings!!), and upon their arrival, they were each given their tiara, which they wore with pride!!!
Clear plastic teacups were at each place setting, which they were instructed to decorate with sticky-backed foam shapes. They were also given foam wands to glue sequins onto. They were instructed in the proper way for a princess to wave, curtsey, and walk. After having a storytime (which was interactive!!), they were treated to mini-muffins & crown shaped sugar cookies. Their "tea" was actually punch--we didn't think the little ones should have tea!! They ate and talked, moms took pictures, and then for the really fun event--we had a "princess parade" through the library (upstairs) to the delight of patrons who happened to be in the library. The young "princesses" waved with their most royal wave, walked like they owned the kingdom, gathered for a group photo and curtseyed good-bye.
It had been such a long time since I had interacted with youngsters like this that the fun was actually all mine!!! Reading to the princesses was so much fun--and they were the most well-behaved group I have been around in a long time. I'll post some pics later. You just HAVE to see some of these princesses!! AND--we all decided this should be an annual event--along with a Christmas Tea. Of course, the library (being politically correct) must do something for the young lads, so in August, we will attempt to have a Pirate Gathering! Not quite certain what this will entail, but I'll bet it's every bit as fun!!
After having a delightful time with the princesses, I rushed home & had lunch with my daughter & Hank. One of Hank's little 2nd cousins was celebrating his 2nd birthday, and they came early to visit. So the first thing we did was take Hank to eat at his favorite place in town--Jalapeno's Mexican. It 's yummy, yummy, yummy and he loves the salsa, rice & quesadillas.
Then it was off to a playground park where we met the rest of Tucker's family (on both sides) and played til we almost, really! almost, dropped from exhaustion. The playground is new, has lots of "little" kid slides, walls to climb, bouncy cars, etc., and the three 2nd cousins, Hank, Michael & Tucker, had a great time. It was all outside, so they could be as LOUD and BOYISH as they wanted!
I can't imagine anything that is more refreshing than spending a day with children, watching them play with "imagination", hearing them talk to one another, seeing the twinkle in their eyes and the laughter in their voices. It's been a day of true wonder---from princesses to little boys who love dirt.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Way To Go Penny!!

Penny the Queen has retired from her career as an elementary teacher. She spent 30 years in the classroom as a special ed teacher & then as a 2nd grade teacher. Wow---way to go!
Now, Penny isn't "old" by any means!! She just took advantage of the earliest she could retire. I am envious! To have the leisure of picking & choosing what you do with each & every day. I don't know if I'll EVER retire--but I may quit-ha ha ha!!!
It's a shame that more people can't depend on retirement anymore. Many, many companies have done away with retirement funds, opting instead to let individuals manage their retirement through 401Ks & such. I truly don't understand alot (or even a little) about all of this, but I do know that persons of my dad's age could depend on retirement--without managing their own. And they could depend on continued health insurance along with the retirement. Today, we all just feel lucky if we don't receive pink slips on Fridays. Or if the companies haven't sold, declared bankruptcy, etc., etc.
Which brings me to this question--why the heck didn't I just marry a rock star???? By the age I now am, the rock star would have either been stashed in a rehab home or slowed down and quit the vices! They could have ended up talking/thinking like Ozzie---but I think Sharon has him pretty much under control. Now consider that--she put up with several years of bad behavior, but now she enjoys the bank accounts and she can tell him what to do. Ah, she must be feeling sweet revenge. Ok, so my mind is going off on it's own "trip"!!!
Today is Friday & the weekend is a bit full, but not near like last weekend. I may actually have a chance to sit on the back porch & enjoy the heat. Or pull some weeds from the garden. Do you supposed Ozzie & Sharon ever set on the porch--ok, ok enough with the Ozzie & Sharon questions--they just got stuck in my brain & won't leave!!! I wasn't even an Ozzie fan. Until the reality show & commercials. OK I PROMISE no more talk of O & S!!!
The weatherman just said it would be a boring weekend weather wise---that means none of the shows will be interrupted---and all the season finales are done. We can watch reruns in their entirety!!!
Well, must sign off for now. I'm rambling & am aware of it!!!
Maybe something major will come through my head that makes alot of sense, and is worth sharing tomorrow!! One can only hope!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spiderman Came To Play

Spiderman came to my house this weekend! He spent Saturday & Sunday night. His mom came down with strep & she needed to rest---hey! I don't care what the reason is---I love to play with Spiderman!! ha ha ha
He actually had his face painted at a "Tabouleh Fest" a couple of weeks ago--I just thought it was so cute I wanted to share it with you.
And, as we weren't booked on Monday, I got to stay home with him. We played, went on a walk, planted flowers, took a nap--when Hubby got home from the kitchen I told him this was a BAD idea for me to stay home & keep Spiderman. Now that's all I want to do.
I truly think this is what I was created for--to stay home & care for my children, grandchildren, home & yard. This is where I excel--this is where I am the most content--this is where I find the most reward. I stayed home with my children til they were in middle school; at that time our family business went south, and I had to find employment to supplement income. I think that was the saddest day! I used to have dinners on the table, volunteer, make gifts for all, bake for others, and on and on. I was a regular Aunt Bee! And I loved it completely--without reservation! I keep thinking one of these days I'll get to do that again. Except there won't be little ones under my hem. Maybe I'll get to have the grandkids more often. Anyway, Spiderman needs an Aunt Bee type Ya Ya!
Yesterday I cleaned out a much ignored flowerbed. It took lots of sweat and muscle, but today it looks soooo pretty! And I have moved some fern, and now I have some canna from my mother's garden waiting to be planted. Ah, spring--how we love rebirth-- the promise of a flourish of life. Spring & fall --those are my most favorite times of the year. It has been raining alot here the past few weeks, and now the outside has really greened up---and the plants are raising their heads from deep winter slumber. It gives a soul such hope.
Well, must go for now. Tomorrow through Saturday are going to be busy work days--have a wedding for 350 to prepare a full meal for, along with 2 lunches on Thursday and one on Friday. But it sure was nice to have a reprieve from work.
Happy spring!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Graduate

This is my sister; she graduated from OSU-Tulsa on Monday night. I am sooo very proud of her. After high school she, as did I, married & began a family. She had some unfortunate set-backs which delayed her goal of a degree in finance.
But perserverence, which is one of her strongest traits, served her well. She attained her goal and now has her degree in finance. All the while working 40+ hours a week, raising two wonderful children (one a Jr in HS, one a Jr in college), volunteering, and succeeding in marriage.
She is awesome--I can't say enough about how proud I am of her. Of course, I would be proud of my lil sis even if she didn't finish this chapter of her life, but knowing the effort she devoted to this, I can't beam enough!!!
I never finished my degree; perhaps that adds to my pride in her. I got my associate's and, not knowing what I wanted to do, and being so caught up in being wife &mother (no, I don't regret that one iota!), I just didn't finish. And anyway--I'm a caterer! I have certifications in areas that relate to that & I'm happy with that.
Way to go sis!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Has Anyone Seen An Extra Mind Floating Around???

Sometimes I wonder how in this big ole world I get through another day!! Sometimes I wonder where in the world my mind went!!

This evening we had a big catering event--in addition to two lunches, a cookie order & a cake order.

Well, things were rockin along so well. The lunches went out without any problems, the cookies were done WAY ahead of time, the cake is on schedule, and it appears that the evening is going to be all ahead.

As we are loading, the contact person calls and asks if things are going well. Well yes, I said, in fact we're loading now. This is at 4:45. I had us down to arrive at 6:00. Since she called I began to wonder--hmmmm, so I called her back to confirm eating time and she said 6:00!!! WHOOPS--I had the time on the schedule board ONE HOUR late!!! Luckily we were all loaded and I YELLED "let's roll!". We took off like Flash Gordon on his way to save the universe and we made the 30 minute trip in a mere 20---don't tell---we did break some speed limits!!!

So, we pull up and they have some help unloading and she asks "Do you have tablecloths" and I reply, of course, for the serving table. She replied "You are supposed to have them for the other tables".

It all comes back in harsh reality---she wanted to use my tablecloths. I had it on the order sheet and forgot to transpose it to the schedule board. I was soooo embarrassed!!!

The good part was, this was a high school sports banquet, they were in the cafeteria, and she wasn't upset at all. Bless her heart!

And we sat up in 15 minutes and had the serving line going on time.

So to make up for my faux pas, I bussed all the tables and served all the dessert to the tables instead of the buffet line.

Ever feel like you just missed the mark? They loved the food, and we had nothing but compliments, but I felt like such a dork! Forgetting the time AND the tablecloths.

I suppose accidents will happen, and things like this will occur. I think they happen to keep us on top of the game, but I will mentally beat myself up all next week for this!!!

Where oh where can my little mind be? Or where oh where did it go???

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Did You Miss It????

This is a wall at the local Barnes & Noble store. Just a stone wall; the kind they use at lots & lots of shopping centers. Just a wall you walk/drive by weekly or more. Now, look, really look at the wall. Do you see it? Some one had the creative vision to look at the wall & SEE more than stone & mortar.
There you go! Now you see it! Someone looked at the pattern of this plain old, ordinary stone & saw the soul within!! This kitty cat came to reside at Barnes & Noble when the place was built, and has hidden for all these years. Well, I don't actually know when the kitty was released, but I've been going to the store since it opened & didn't see it til hubby pointed it out. And I thought he wasn't into the arts!! ha ha

This makes me wonder how many millions of opportunities we miss in the ordinary. How many insights we walk right by on our way to "getting there"!

Remember as a child lying on the ground and seeing the visions in clouds? Well, hallelujah! They aren't just in the clouds. They are in the each & every day that we glide through. They are in the trees, the stones, the clouds, and possibly, the faces of those around us. You know, the ones we hurry past--don't want to take any more time than necessary to get where we are going; so we can turn around and not take any more time than necessary to get back---just so we can turn around and get there again!

Well, I challenge you to seek out the opportunities for blessings today. And every day. Look further than surface value--or look at the surface more intently. Peer into what the wall, nature or the eyes looking back at you are really like. And, in the process, reveal yourself. Don't be afraid to take a picture, give a hug, truly care "how it's going".

Open your mind to the possibilities.

Friday, April 17, 2009

All Quiet?????

A friend mentioned on my facebook page that all had been quiet around my place. NOT!!!!!!

This is what it looks like inside my head--ha ha! Over the past 4 weeks my mother in law has had 4 ambulance rides to the hospital & one lifeflight ride. She has had a mild heart attack, and a week later, a serious heart attack. She went to the ER all times with excessive nosebleeds and didn't even know that she was having the heart attacks. In fact, the last "serious" one was pointed out by the EMTs on the ambulance ride!!!
Well, (fingers crossed) we think all is well. The serious heart attack involved 99% blockage of a major artery that was the result of taking her off her Plavix for 6 days to stop the nosebleed! No damage but she did have a stint put in.
As for the bleeds? Well the ENT Dr has a plan. She must take the Plavix, and they can't give her anethseatic (sp) to cauterize the nose, so they have adjusted her blood pressure meds, and at keeping the pressure to 120 or under, her nose won't bleed.
Now aren't you glad I shared that with you????? The really stressful happening is that hubby is the "go to" child & is the one who goes to the house in the middle of the night, rides to the hospital, and stays to hear Dr reports. Bless his heart, he hasn't had much rest the past 4 weeks.
And this has been another BUSY catering time. For which we are extremely grateful! But it does take away from times that could be used for catching up on "zzzzz's".
And ---the GOOD NEWS---- Hank is going to be a Big Brother!!!!! Yea!!!!! I am sooooo excited. And so are Hank's parents! I've been so blessed by having Hank in my life that I am ready for more! The arrival will happen around the 6th of December--which happens to be my son's birthday!! Can't wait to find out what it will be so I can start the "packrat" syndrome for babies! So many sales right now & so much I want to begin making. I can feel the projects keeping me up into the wee hours. Yippee!!!
I just read an article in an area newspaper that was entitled "Making Memories". I always want to plan these "big events" to make memories for family & friends. And then I'm so tired that I don't even remember them!! But it is important to make memories--that's all we can really hold on to. Today Hank & I took a walk and talked about all the things we saw. I know at 3 he won't remember that, but I will---it's one for my books! And then we sat and put stickers in proper places in his Hot Wheels sticker book. Talk about fun. Just listening to the words of a child can be so uplifting (and doggone funny!).
He put a sticker on his wooden table and when I told him not to, that it would ruin the table he looked me straight in the eye and said "It will not wuin it! What;s a wuin anyway?" Good question!! What is a "wuin"!!! I'm certain my kids said the same cute phrases, but I've learned to pay closer attention to Hank. I want to hang on his each & every word. They go by so quickly.
Well, I feel I've captured your ear long enough with my boring recounts of life as I experience it. So I'll close for now and wish all of you a memory filled weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2009

What Movie Are YOU Watching????

Tonight Hank has come to spend the night---and we went to watch this movie. It's cute, but not up to the Pixar standard. However, Hank liked it and that's what matters.

I hope everyone is going to have a blessed Easter. After the past week, I have plenty of blessings to count! My mother in law suffered a serious heart attack on Monday; she was released on Thursday and is doing quite well. Makes you stop and take stock of priorities and important issues. And it makes me stop and appreciate the lives that are so entertwined with mine. Family, friends and acquaintances. I am so blessed to have family that is close by, that we love, that are active parts of our lives. I have friends that are ready to stop & listen or kick up their heels in fun at a moment's notice. And I have acquaintances who bring such interest into my life. I can't imagine being secluded from family, not having close friends, and not having all the characters who round out this life. The old adage "others come in to your life for a time, a reason, or a season" is true beyond belief. And we can learn so very much from all those who cross our paths. And I give thanks for each & every life I've had the privilege to cross paths with!

And I am so thankful for this Easter season to stop and be reminded of the resurrection. And what it means to me. And what it has given to me.

Tomorrow morning we're having chocolate chip pancakes and hot tea---Hank's request! And while he's eating breakfast, I'm going to hide plastic eggs and then we'll have a private Easter egg hunt! Without all the hoopla that will happen on Sunday with all the family around. Not that I don't want that too, but this year I have Hank captive for a time and I'm going to take full advantage!! Making memories!

Well, it's time to call it quits for the night & convince Hank that it's bedtime. That should be fun!! And then--off to bed for me.

Have a happy Easter!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hellooooo Monday!!!

I have never been so glad to see a Monday! The past week was B.U.S.Y.----overbooked again. It seems to be my mode of operation. I just hate turning people down. And so, on Thursday evening it began--we had 2 events in town. I sent one crew to feed 150 and I took the other crew to feed 70. Of course that made for a late night. And we had a breakfast and two lunches the next day!!! And I was preparing a three tiered 9 layer wedding cake for Saturday. That made for a late Friday night. We got home and at 10:30 my mother in law was taken to the hospital--hubby had to go out and wait for the ambulance with father in law, then ride to the hospital with him. She had a voracious nosebleed. They sent her home around midnight--after we went & got her meds filled. Then up again and work on the cake Saturday. In the snow. Heavy snow! It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was beautiful--and treacherous for cake delivery. Anyway, the cake was delivered and set up and --- began to lean. Like the Tower of Pisa! The bride had requested a fruit filling, which was not too stable. And I learned the hard way that the remaining layers & the design she chose would work! So we took the top 2 layers off, removed the leaning layer, reset the top 2 and went on. Totally exhausted. But there was still some finishing up to do at the kitchen. Got home and thought we were settled in for the night---midnight phone call---mother in law back to hospital. Nosebleed again. But this time they sent her on to the Tulsa hospital and called for an ENT specialist; he deemed her nose the least of the problem--her resting heart rate was 125. And so she's in the hospital. We're home. And all of us have lots of rest to catch up on!!!!

I'm glad Monday is finally here!

This week isn't quite as busy--except for Friday and Saturday!!! Here we go again!!!!

So, I know this isn't much of a fun post---I'm mainly shooting off steam. Thanks for listening.

Hopefully my funnybone will return soon.

Have a good evening!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've Been Tagged---WATCH OUT!!!

I've been tagged---this is my first official tag! Michelle the Mosaic Queen tagged me & it goes like this--

Take a picture of yourself right now--do not go freshen up the face, do not straighten your hair or change clothes--take your picture. And then you must tag 5 others. Hmmm---do I know 5 people to tag??? I'll tag Penny, Kari, Tommie, Amber & Erin. And as I don't have links, I'll have to leave them all a messsage on their blogs!

We had the obligatory 3rd birthday party for Hank today. It was his first "real" party with people outside of family and it was at Chuck E Cheese! Rowdy, raucious, loud, chaotic---everything that appeals to Hank. He was in his element. And he was very, very good. Even ate 2 pieces of pizza and cupcakes! Even thanked everyone for the gifts & for coming. What a doll!

We've been at the kitchen for 7 days a week for the past 2 months. It's been hard to come home & blog, but I'll try to do better. We've had daytime, evening and weekend deliveries & work--hey, I'm NOT complaining, just explaining why I have been elusive in blogland---and why my blogs aren't toooooo interesting. I have "iron poor tired brain " syndrome; at times I can't even think!

Well, I'm gonna go & veg out for the rest of tonight.

Have a great Sunday! Be Blessed!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Miss Mayberry

I miss Mayberry--ok, I've never been to Mayberry; don't know if there really is one. I guess I miss the "essence" of what Mayberry represented.
You see, Opie & I are the same age. And my childhood was much like his--small town, values, respect, honesty--all those traits that made life in Mayberry seem so unreal. And yet they were. And, lately, I miss those simple, understated traits so very much.
I miss knowing my neighbors. Granted this is my own fault--who has time to get to know the neighbors, or even visit with the ones you do know, when the race of getting through life has become so fast paced! The last time I saw my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR was at the funeral of a mutual friend. My neighbor was my employer for more than a decade, and now I don't see him at all. And when we do see the neighbors in the yard, we scurry past, maybe wave, cause we don't want to impose on their time.
I miss shopping here in town. Oh, I still try, but like everyone else in the world, I'm looking for the store with the most variety and the best prices. At the expense of forcing my home town merchants to carry less than premium stock, and reduce the selections. And then I gripe about what I can't get here! I like walking into the local grocery store and having the manager greet me with "hey how are you today? how's the husband and kids?" Yes, he actually knows that about me. He watched me grow up--his sister even babysat for my kids for a time. I miss the local clothing store. The one where you went in and the owner's wife would strike up a conversation and talk your leg off---maybe even offer you some of her homemade cooking that she had in the back. I think everyone female in my family (except me!) worked for them during the holiday season! My sister tells how she & her girlfriend would drive the owner nuts using way too much ribbon on presents only to have him rant at them about waste. They would respond "oh, we'll be more careful"; as soon as he was out of earshot they giggled like little girls and went on about their business of driving him nuts--yes, they used the extra ribbon just to push his buttons! And then, if you had a family tragedy of any sort, there were the owner & his wife bringing you large plates of food and sympathy. That hasn't happened too much with me & J C Penny!
I miss the respect of the kids in the town. When I was a kid, we had a respectful fear for all adults, regardless of what they wore, what they drove, where they worked. We knew if an adult spoke, we should listen. And if that adult represented authority (teacher, policeman, etc.) word had better not get back to mom & dad that we "dissed" them! They'd have us by the ear, skipping at break neck speed to apologize and offer to clean their windows--or whatever other form of retribution we could offer. We certainly didn't talk back. And we didn't tear up their possessions, lawns, streets, storefronts, etc. If we got in trouble at school, katy-bar-the-door when mom & dad found out. They actually TRUSTED that teachers & principals were adult enough to lead & discipline! And they actually UNDERSTOOD that children would color stories to their benefit!
I miss one car families, moms who stayed home, homemade clothes, one TV per household, no cell phones, porches made for use, church socials, mowing one's own lawn, new shoes at Easter and the start of school, chores that had to be finished by day's end, the county fair, HS football games, homeroom moms, homemade Valentine cards, --- I guess the list could go on and on. And I am just as guilty of anyone in my greed for the American Dream. Only, I think the jokes on all of us because it's the American Fantasy! We have conditioned ourselved to want more, more, more and we don't even enjoy what we have. You know, in those buildings we put in the back yard full of our "things" that sit unused and rotting. But we HAD to have them.
I miss only having what we needed at the moment, and saving for what we thought we might want later. Sometimes we found we didn't even really want them enough to spend what we had saved.
Ok, so I'm a bit nostalgic for the old days--won't even say they were good--they were just more stable. I miss stability. I miss Mayberry.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer Approaches

I just received an email from Spiegel---the new swimsuit & travel fashions are available--YIPPEE!!!
Is anyone else out there so "summerphobic" as I? I can't remember the last time I actually WORE a swimsuit. I only wear them when I'm in a group of WOMEN who look like I do in a swimsuit--you know, the cast of Cocoon! I own a couple. They were suitable in the day. Now, if I broke down and put one on, I'm afraid it would do irreparable damage to my psyche.
Granted, hubby says "oh you look fine" when I mention that I won't wear one, but then he says that about nearly anything I appear out of the changing room in---and I can still evaluate the mirror's image. And the camera's. And I know he actually just wants to stay in this marriage with benefits.
There was a time, even after I gave birth, that I would wear swimsuits to the lake, on the boats, etc. That time has "gone with the wind". Considering cellulite, spider veins (that could road map in detail the entire street system of NYC), pasty white legs, belly fat (nope, none of those infomercials worked), etc, etc, I don't think anyone above the point of being inebriated to the passing out stage, would want me to show up at their pool in a swimsuit.
So what to do? Well, most men won't realize this, but gals--don't you wear big t-shirts or shorts over you suits? If you don't, and still look fashionable in yours, I HATE YOU!!! This is not a feeling I'm asking the good Lord to help me overcome. I am reveling in this hate--and the fact that you have the time to spend at the gym/tanning salon.
Ok Spiegel, thanks for the reminder! I'm sure you won't miss my order.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks John Mellencamp

I have always loved this song--it pretty much sums up my life:

Well I was born in a small town
And I live in a small town
Prob'ly die in a small town
Oh, those small communities.

All my friends are so small town
My parents live in the same small town
My job is so small town
Provides little opportunity.

Educated in a small town
Taught the fear of Jesus in a small town
Like to daydream in that small town
Another boring romantic that's me.

But I've seen it all in a small town
Had myself a ball in a small town
Married an LA doll and brought her to this small town
Now she's small town just like me.

No I cannot forget where it is that I come from
I cannot forget the people who love me
Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town
And people let me be just what I want to be.

Got nothing against a big town
Still hayseed enough to say
Look who's in the big town
But my bed is in a small town
And that's good enough for me.

Well I was born in a small town
And I can breathe in a small town
Gonna die in this small town
And that's prob'ly where they'll bury me.

I love my small town. An ex-family member used to make so much fun of the family cause of our small town ways. Like going to town and knowing who was running the stores; who was walking towards us; asking about all the current events of life. People in small towns really care.

An older member of this small town passed away this week. His grandson's classmates from HS days all rushed to "grandmas" house to pay their respects. Each one you came into contact with said "hey did you hear so and so's dad passed?" The man was 81, had been married to his sweetheart for 64 years, raised 4 children, and will be sorely missed.

I don't think the passing of a community "pillar" is missed as greatly in a big town--at least not by the community at large. This small town will miss seeing him at his great grandchildren's sporting events; at the school fundraisers; around town just looking for someone to pass the time with.

Grandpa J was raised in a small town, married his HS sweetheart, moved to a big town to operate a business, and then moved back to a small town where his heart was. He died in a small town, and is going to be buried in a small town.

Thanks John Mellencamp for putting into words the life that so many of us hold dear!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Have You Been Confirmed?

I've been confirmed this week---3 times!! If you don't know about Facebook, well, ask someone.

Wouldn't it have been easy if this "confirmation" of new friends had happened back in high school? You could post your name on a wall, list the people you were interested in getting to know and then they could come by & mark "confirmed" or "not interested". It would have made life so much easier!

Instead, in my case (which I admit to being soooo insecure), I tried the "I wanna be popular" options. You know--schmooze up to all the "already popular" ones, go to all the "popular" places, try all the "popular" trends. And, not enjoying much of any of the "popular" requirements! The "already popular" ones had their quota of friends necessary to retain their status. We "hangers around" simply confirmed their "popularity". And what made that popularity anyway??? Was it the fact that their clothes were more fashionable? Well, that certainly shows integrity! Was it that they had a never-ending supply of spending money? Hmm, they showed their financial savy young huh? In my hindsight, I have come to the conclusion that the "already popular" ones (girls in my instance) were a bit "racey" (don't want to point fingers here). That made them popular with a capital P with the boys! And, as I have attended several reunions at which the tongues wagged, I found much to my dismay, that the racier the more popular.

As far as clothing -- I attended school in the "pre fashion design logos" day. If you had a different outfit for 5 days running (without having to mix & match) you were stylin! And other fashionistas pointed out how "popular" that made you! Some less fortunate, like moi, had mothers who knew how to stretch the dollar---our clothes were homemade----dispair! Little did I realize how talented my mom was--I wish I had her gift for making clothing today! She could whip out an outfit in no time, and let me tell you---it was WELL MADE!!! (read never wore out!!!). But I wanted those store bought clothes and the status that went with it.

About the never ending supply of money---here again, I didn't know the magnitude of the lesson my parents were teaching me as they made me work for extra cash. I realize now that many of the parents who doled out the moolah were trying to make up for dysfunction in parenting! Or for being away from the kids for so long--Or for not wanting to be with their kids! I just thought the "popular" ones were wealthy beyond belief! They didn't work, they had cars, they could buy beer & cigarettes at will, they bought their popularity. While I had my needs taken care of, I learned that hard work will pay. And that the items I purchased with my own earned cash meant more to me that some of the things the others had. I took better care of my things. Hmmm, another lesson learned.

So where am I going with this? South I fear!!! Oh yea--confirmation. I have been confirmed on Facebook---and you know what? The confirmations have come from friends I have lost touch with---for the simple fact that they, too, have been working diligently most of their lives to provide for their families, and they have spent hour upon hour taking good care of their possessions.

Where are the "most populars"? Let's see---I can think of 3 of the HS jocks that EVERYONE wanted to date: one had been in prison for too many DUIs, one is on his 5th marriage--I heard he had a herion problem for many years; and the third is in another state--staying there to escape child support. And to support his heavy drinking.

And the gals? Let's see--the 3 most popular? One was divorced while her children were young--her ex (who has passed away) was physically abusive to her. One moved away right after HS but I found that her life didn't have the happy ending she imagined. Too many problems to go into here. And another ended up a meth addict- in and out of rehab.

Now this is not to say that all of the "populars" failed. Many, many succeeded. I just have learned that I wasn't meant to be a HS popular. It would have ruined me. I wouldn't have taken care to be the best I can be.

No, instead, by having to find my own confidence (confirmation) I have ended up on the better side of my own life! I've learned what true friendship is and how to cultivate that wisely. I've learned how to align my priorities with what is truly important in life. I've learned to gauge spending and use wisdom in what material things I gain. I've learned so much more. I'm glad I wasn't an "instant popular" one.

Good night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, dang it, we have just added to the number of people on unemployment!!!

Hubby showed up at the door of my kitchen at 9:00 a.m. this morning; we knew it was probably coming, but when you've dodged the bullet on several other layoffs, you kind of get that "invincible" feeling. No more! We are very "vincible" (is that even a word????) and now are among the ranks of those who will file for unemployment! It kind of kicks you in the stomach! But we know we will make it just fine---we know God will provide. And we need so little anymore! AND---I now have another employee & vehicle, so we can take more catering jobs! How's that for making lemonade?? We don't have bookings for tomorrow (probably a good thing), but we are fully booked for Thursday, and also for next Monday & Tuesday. And for Tues, Wed, and Thurs evenings. And that's all before the phone starts ringing and those "day before" bookings come in. See?? It's going to be just fine!!!

The bad side is that as of Feb 28 we have no insurance! Here's how we've jumped that hurdle--hubby went to the dentist today & had all necessary work done, and tomorrow he is going to the eye doctor and get up to date on all his needs there. And I will refill prescriptions tomorrow. Ha ha ha---we'll show them!! We'll make the most of the last few days of coverage we have!!!

You know, in the big scheme of things, life could be sooooo much worse! We are healthy---our kids are grown & have their own jobs---we have less debt than we have ever, EVER had before (thanks Dave Ramsey), so we'll just go forward with God on our side, and with thanks for what we have.

BTW---did you see 20/20 last Friday night? The show titled "Children of the Applachians"? Now THAT makes me grateful. And makes me understand how privileged and pampered we really are. It broke my heart to watch that---and I now HAVE to talk to our Missions Committee about what we can do.

Well, that's all for now. Life is good. God is good.