Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Did You Miss It????

This is a wall at the local Barnes & Noble store. Just a stone wall; the kind they use at lots & lots of shopping centers. Just a wall you walk/drive by weekly or more. Now, look, really look at the wall. Do you see it? Some one had the creative vision to look at the wall & SEE more than stone & mortar.
There you go! Now you see it! Someone looked at the pattern of this plain old, ordinary stone & saw the soul within!! This kitty cat came to reside at Barnes & Noble when the place was built, and has hidden for all these years. Well, I don't actually know when the kitty was released, but I've been going to the store since it opened & didn't see it til hubby pointed it out. And I thought he wasn't into the arts!! ha ha

This makes me wonder how many millions of opportunities we miss in the ordinary. How many insights we walk right by on our way to "getting there"!

Remember as a child lying on the ground and seeing the visions in clouds? Well, hallelujah! They aren't just in the clouds. They are in the each & every day that we glide through. They are in the trees, the stones, the clouds, and possibly, the faces of those around us. You know, the ones we hurry past--don't want to take any more time than necessary to get where we are going; so we can turn around and not take any more time than necessary to get back---just so we can turn around and get there again!

Well, I challenge you to seek out the opportunities for blessings today. And every day. Look further than surface value--or look at the surface more intently. Peer into what the wall, nature or the eyes looking back at you are really like. And, in the process, reveal yourself. Don't be afraid to take a picture, give a hug, truly care "how it's going".

Open your mind to the possibilities.

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