Friday, July 17, 2009

But It Relieves Tension. . . . . .

My name is Pam and I am a tooth grinder---is there a Grinders Anonymous? I grind my teeth in my sleep, when I'm pressured, and sometimes when nothing at all is going on!! If not grinding, then I can sure put a "lock" on my jaw. So anyway, I guess I have been grinding my teeth while sleeping, and now one of my teeth is uber sensitive. It hurts to the touch--it hurts for no apparent reason. So badly that I must take a pain pill daily (and I don't like taking pills, thank you Jefferson Starship).
Let me describe my day yesterday & perhaps you'll join me in a good grind. Hubby called me from the kitchen at 6:15 AM yesterday to let me know the filter on the ice machine had sprung a leak. Water all over the floor--he needed to go on to his "other" job, so I rushed down with the shop vac to sop. When I saw the leak hadn't slowed, I called my father-in-law (bless his heart) who brought his industrial sized shop vac & came to help out. We sopped and mopped til we nearly dropped, then we stopped! I had food to deliver--we sat a pan under the leak and rotated turns emptying it.
Proceed with the morning: I left for a delivery 30 minutes away, Karen left for a delivery 45 minutes away and we left father-in-law to deliver 15 minutes away for a bank board luncheon. As I drove away from my delivery, he called & informed me that the luncheon was not this Thursday, but NEXT Thursday. After calling the gal who scheduled it (and being told, "but I told you in my email"), I just smiled (read gritted my teeth) and told her we'd sure be there next week.
As I pulled into a supply store I looked over and realized I had not taken the hot rolls into the delivery---back to the clinic at break neck speed to get those rolls in. After all, the delivery was for 35 & some of them would have missed the rolls.
So, as I was driving home with the toothache, I broke down & called my dentist's office only to receive a recording that he wouldn't be back in the office til next Monday. Egads!!! Pop another pain pill. No, I won't go to another dentist---I am terrified of them all & this one has "proven" himself to me, so it's him or nobody.
Well, at this point I was as low as a snake's belly and the phone rang. I started to let the voicemail get it and ignore! But being the responsible woman I am, I answered. And I'm glad I did! It was the secretary at the bank telling me the mix-up was indeed her fault & they wanted to go ahead & purchase the food for an ill employee! Somehow, things always work out. Somehow the silver lining shows up just before the trigger is pulled--ha ha.
And that, my dear friends, is why I am a tooth grinder. Not an organ grinder, which has no painful affect on the body, but a tooth grinder. And I shall remain in pain until next Monday. Oh heck, it's not unbearable--not with the "magic pills" but it's there.
Now another silver lining for today--I get to attend Affair of the Heart w/my BFF & Hank is coming to the house tonight. See why the grinding stops????
Now, you go and have a great weekend and keep the teeth apart!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Wowza---it is hot, hot, HOT here in Oklahoma!!! Like in the 100's hot. Like eggs cooking on the sidewalk hot. Like --- well just trust me, it's too hot to move!!

I'm going to share some family pics with you today--we had yet another dinner (we love to eat!) this past Saturday evening at my sister's house. And all the fam came out. Gotta love those family gatherings. Gotta love that food-- Anyway, here's one of my son and his precious girlfriend. They have been dating for -- hey I think it's been about a year now--- and we have certainly been smitten with her. She's a real doll--inside and out.
And this--well need I say this is my favorite little man in the whole entire world????? He's learning to swim and must have his goggles. And his mommy. He loves his mommy---he loves daddy too, but he LOVES his mommy. I never knew I could love another little one as much as I did my own two, but it happened! He stole my heart and I am besotted with him. Can't stand it when he's away for too long---then I find ways to get my "Hank fix". And now we're going to add another one----happy dance, happy dance!!!
Oh, how sneaky of this cake to jump in!!! It was ordered for a baby shower Saturday morning. The top layer is chocolate and the bottom vanilla. They were greatly pleased with the way it turned out.

Well, after the pic of the sneaky cake--back to the fam--here's Hank's mommy & daddy---my darling daughter & her hubby. She's the best mommy a kid could wish for. And she's a doting wife. And a wonderful daughter----couldn't love her more!!

I, like all other parents, are sooooo proud of my kiddos. They have each turned out so very well---hard working, compassionate, funny, loving, thoughtful---all those things you want to see in young adults. So, I wanted to share them with you. I don't do that too often, but today is the exception.
Now, about these HOT days----hard to believe that in 90 days --- just 3 months---it'll be fall, the leaves will be turning, football will be in full swing, the holidays will begin!!! But today it's just HOT!!! And when you work in a kitchen, the heat is monstrous!!! Business is hopping--I've been so busy that I don't have time to think about anything else. Well, almost--
Enough for today--my brain is baked, and I must recline!!! Have a great week.