Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vacation Time!!!

I have scrimped and saved since last September, and now -- tada!!! I have our vacation lodging & car rental paid for!!! We leave Saturday morning for beautiful Lake City Colorado!!!

Now, the reason I scrimped and saved is that I challenged myself to see if I, and I alone, could finance the bulk of this trip. All this from catering jobs. And, whoopee!!! I did it!!! Even have a bit left over for gas and extras. When we get back, I begin saving for the next one!!!

Not that I don't want Big Daddy to help out with the trip expense, I just want to see if I can save money!!! ha ha ha And, if I have a goal, and set my mind to it---it works!!!

The entire family (with the exception of my son and my sister's son) are going. A & E (the sons) can't get off work. I don't think they really, really wanted to go, but this excuse is easier to digest!!!

We will spend the first night in Raton NM and drive on in the next day. This year we have rented a cabin that sleeps 15 & it's 9 miles outside of town. We plan to horseback ride, go 4-wheeling, hiking, etc. There's really not alot more to do, and that suits us just fine! We will cook at the cabin each morning and night, and are taking board games & videos. It's family immersion at it's finest. There is another family from our town, who also attend the same church as me, who will be there the same week. They have alot of common interests, so we intend to have them over for food a couple of times.

But, basically, we are there to relax and enjoy God's green mountains!!!

So, I won't be blogging til I get back. Tonight begins the "getting ready to pull out" phase--cooking, shopping for food, washing, packing, cleaning house. Needless to say, I won't even look at the computer. But I'll be thinking of all of ya, and taking great (I hope!) pictures to share.

Everyone be careful and have a good week.