Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is such a bad picture I'm surprised I'm posting it!! Got to do something with that hair!!! Anyway, this was at the Chamber of Commerce regular meeting today where I was the "featured speaker"---now don't get all excited. It's not really THAT big of a deal.

The fun part was that I put together a DVD called "A Tale of Two Towns" paralleling two communities--one that was surly and rude and one that was friendly and welcoming. The local librarian & I were the "stars". Yes, Mr. Mayer--I'm ready for my close-up.

It was fun, funny and I'm glad it's over. The moral of the story was that we have to sell our personalities in this day & age to compete with the offerings of larger communities. Bla Bla or something like that.

Well, that and working 2 and 3 lunches every day this week, and now preparing for a dinner for 225 on Saturday has made for one very tired actress! If only I had the perks of Hollywood stars--I could call for my masseuse, my pedicurist, my manicurist, and my personal assistant, and have tomorrow's work done for me. All while I was sipping on some ridiculously spirited frothy drink, and reading a new script!!!

I have all these crafts I want to do, I want to clean house, I want to read a magazine from front cover to last word. Oh well, that will come in time. Right now? I'm preparing for sleep.

By the way--does anyone out there know anything about dreams and their meanings? Please help me out with this one. Last night I dreamt that I was, ummm, how shall I say this, "with" Teddy Kennedy!!!!!!! We were quite an item!!! Now why in the name of all that is sacred and republican, would I have this kind of dream???? Am I wanting recognition? Am I wanting a larger family? Am I wanting a rousing game of touch football?????? This was so weird that I kept replaying it in my mind all day---not a pretty sight!!!

So, wonder what tonight will bring???????

See ya later!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's New????

Hi all--I'm still here, just cooking all the time!! It's been a truly,surprisingly busy week!! On Monday, I only had 3 lunches for the week. By 1:00 Monday afternoon I was fully booked for the week!!! And then on Tuesday, I took another booking for Thursday, and last night I took a booking for Saturday for 200. So, as you can see, I have "kitchen hands"!!!

I hired a new employee, and she is such a blessing! She has worked in food service and knows what to do, does it on her own, and makes my work, well, a little less stressful. She also allows me to say "yes" to more bookings---yes, that's a good thing!

Anyhoo--I just wanted to say hello & I'll post later. Right now I've got to get dressed and get to the kitchen!

Have a good day!