Monday, March 30, 2009

Hellooooo Monday!!!

I have never been so glad to see a Monday! The past week was B.U.S.Y.----overbooked again. It seems to be my mode of operation. I just hate turning people down. And so, on Thursday evening it began--we had 2 events in town. I sent one crew to feed 150 and I took the other crew to feed 70. Of course that made for a late night. And we had a breakfast and two lunches the next day!!! And I was preparing a three tiered 9 layer wedding cake for Saturday. That made for a late Friday night. We got home and at 10:30 my mother in law was taken to the hospital--hubby had to go out and wait for the ambulance with father in law, then ride to the hospital with him. She had a voracious nosebleed. They sent her home around midnight--after we went & got her meds filled. Then up again and work on the cake Saturday. In the snow. Heavy snow! It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was beautiful--and treacherous for cake delivery. Anyway, the cake was delivered and set up and --- began to lean. Like the Tower of Pisa! The bride had requested a fruit filling, which was not too stable. And I learned the hard way that the remaining layers & the design she chose would work! So we took the top 2 layers off, removed the leaning layer, reset the top 2 and went on. Totally exhausted. But there was still some finishing up to do at the kitchen. Got home and thought we were settled in for the night---midnight phone call---mother in law back to hospital. Nosebleed again. But this time they sent her on to the Tulsa hospital and called for an ENT specialist; he deemed her nose the least of the problem--her resting heart rate was 125. And so she's in the hospital. We're home. And all of us have lots of rest to catch up on!!!!

I'm glad Monday is finally here!

This week isn't quite as busy--except for Friday and Saturday!!! Here we go again!!!!

So, I know this isn't much of a fun post---I'm mainly shooting off steam. Thanks for listening.

Hopefully my funnybone will return soon.

Have a good evening!