Saturday, February 23, 2008

End of the Day

Hey all!! It's been a hectic day!! Delivered a full sheet cake at 9 this morning, went home, finished a wedding cake, delivered the cake with Penny as my co-pilot (she was coordinating this wedding), went back home to a housefull (Hank, daughter, mom, sis, niece), went to Target with them, then home to finish making dip and off to a church function, then back home to see Hank off!!! Whew--it's amazing how much one person can do in 12 hours!!!!

So, Tuesday Update asked me what I was taking to the function---I didn't know until the last minute, but here's what I took along with the recipes:

Hot Artichoke Dip
1/2 cup mayo
1/2 cup sour cream
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese (use the "real" kind)
1/8 tsp hot sauce
Mix all together, sprinkle top with chopped tomato, bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


Smooth Cheese Dip
1 (8 oz ) package cream cheese
1 can Creamy Onion soup
1 (80z) jar picante sauce---heat is your choice
Melt cheese & soup on stovetop, when melted add picante sauce & heat through.

Serve both with chips.

Both dips were a hit---not a speck left. I was going to make some bacon wrapped asparagus, but ran out of time!!!

On my trip to Target, I discovered so many things I could have purchased---why is that? When you have the moolah there is nothing to buy, but when you are rushed & low on cash, all the shelves have the cutest items. I ended up buying daughter a pair of shoes (Target has the cutest shoes) and Hank two shirts.

Hey readers, my brain has turned to mush---I can't even finish a sentence without stopping and trying to remember where my thoughts were!!! So that must mean it's time to stop and sleep!!!

Sweet dreams!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally Friday

How did they find me????
Does Friday make you glad or sad? Both? Sad that a whole week of my life has passed and I don't see much change here!!! Glad that it's Friday and I was able to get all of my requirement duties accomplished.
You should see my house-NO WAIT, I dont' want anyone to see my house! You would get the wrong idea of who I am!!! I am a clean, organized person trapped in the body of a too busy, "I can do everything", A Personality host! But, that said, (and I know you'll forgive me dahlins), I have jewelry stuff sharing my dining room table with the clean laundry that is waiting to be folded. Cakes on the sideboard, wrapped in plastic and waiting to be iced, mail on the kitchen table waiting to be read & sent to it's appropriate locale, clean dishes waiting to be put away. And---I HAVE TO GO TO WORK AND DO SOMEONE ELSE'S STUFF!!!!! When is my inheritance, the lottery, Ed McMahon, Oprah--whoever has my future in their hands--when are they showing up????? I don't even have time to take their messages, so they'd better find me in person!!! AND, Hank may come to see me this weekend. If he can find me. If I'm not sleeping at some intersection in the car.
Which brings me to this--did anyone see Delta Burke on ET last night? Sobbing about her "mental" state? Admitting she has been in a mental hospital? WHERE IN THE HECK IS THAT HOSPITAL????? I want to check in--such a good excuse for saying NO!!! "Sorry, I can't be there, I'm in the mental ward" "Oh, no, I can't do that job,I'm in the mental ward" Now really, would someone argue that you actually COULD take on their project if you had that "mental hosptial" excuse? And, Delta, not all of us have the insurance to cover such trivialities. And, not all of us share a bank account that allows us to be gone from work for that purpose. And, not all of us share a family that would be all "Oh yes, dear, go right ahead--we'll take care of EVERYTHING" No, my ears would hear "What will we eat? Who'll wash our clothes?" And on and on. Now, Delta, it's not that I don't sympathize, but we in the REAL world just have to be crazy and carry on! Or depressed, or emotionally unstable, or bipolar. And our therapy is from friends and family who lovingly say "Stop acting like that" We, in fact, are adept actresses! We can act like all is well, while the volcano rumbles within.
So, the same show had a "reality book" by Valerie Bertinelli---who admitted to cheating on Eddie and taking cocaine!
Now, which of the two would actually make me feel better???? Hmmmm. No, I won't REALLY have an affair or take illicit drugs, but I'm thinking Valerie was smiling lots bigger!!! No tears there! Just weight loss and more money!!!!
So, in my spare time, I'll write a book. I'm going to have to plagerize alot. Watch out Hillary! I'm going to have to borrow episodes and change the names--no one would want to read about my "so called" excitement!!!
Enough rambling---I have to get dressed and go to the office and get me some therapy!!! They cut no slack. Celebrity Rehab has nothing on this gang. And I love em!
Have a great day--Oh, by the way Tuesday Update---I'm gonna answer your question about "dip" in another post. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whatcha Doin???

This is Boomer sitting looking at every move I make!!! He has cabin fever---hates to go out in the cold, wet weather, so he doesn't--he stalks me!!! And, he's started the hair pulling thing again---this baby has issues!!! But then, why wouldn't MY cat?????
I really don't have anything to say that is earthshattering and exciting!! But I didn't want anyone to think I had fallen off the chair and hit my head and been comatose for too long!!! It's just the mundane life of a busy working mom!!!
I do have an extra busy week this week---hubby keeps saying "I told you it was too much" and I keep saying "Hey I can handle this". Then he reminds me how "pleasant" I am when I am super busy, and I keep reminding him how this extra work pays for our Colorado vacations, the extras I NEED in my life, etc, etc, and he says "Well if you feel that way. . . . " Anyhoo--I have a reception at a local bank Thursday afternoon, a cake to deliver for a Scout troop Friday night, and a wedding cake to have ready by noon Saturday. Along with dinner Wednesday night to cook at church. And a get together for Saturday evening which I am to take chips & dip to. Ok, a busy week this week, but I DID stay in jammies last Saturday. This must be that "price you pay" thing.
Speaking of hubbys---remember I mentioned him in the above paragraph---any of you share the snore????? Today a coworker & I were cracking up at our snoring slumberers---these guys can snore the paint off the walls. And doesn't matter if they are on their backs, stomachs, sides, heads, they are MAJOR snore guys! And, lo and behold, both of them, when nudged, jump and say "Hey I wasn't even asleep!" Guess that was a practice run bucko!! So, coworker tells me about this product that is like a magnet placed inside the nose on the separating cartilage---and then has a plastic "rope" that runs from one side to the other. She said when her hubby wore it he didn't snore one time. I told my hubby and of course get "I'm not sticking a magnet up my nose"--I explained further and got "I'm not sticking a magnet up my nose". So, I guess we'll just continue in the elbow stab and the not sleeping fiasco!!! It's making separate rooms more attractive all the time. He even ran the cat out of the room the other night!!! He says as soon as he looses 30 lbs he'll not snore as much. Yeah, that's working for us!!!
Well, the oven timer is buzzing, and I'm getting sleepy, verrrry sleepy. So, I'll close for now, and later, when I have even less excitement in my life, I'll check back in!!!
Sweet dreams!