Friday, April 10, 2009

What Movie Are YOU Watching????

Tonight Hank has come to spend the night---and we went to watch this movie. It's cute, but not up to the Pixar standard. However, Hank liked it and that's what matters.

I hope everyone is going to have a blessed Easter. After the past week, I have plenty of blessings to count! My mother in law suffered a serious heart attack on Monday; she was released on Thursday and is doing quite well. Makes you stop and take stock of priorities and important issues. And it makes me stop and appreciate the lives that are so entertwined with mine. Family, friends and acquaintances. I am so blessed to have family that is close by, that we love, that are active parts of our lives. I have friends that are ready to stop & listen or kick up their heels in fun at a moment's notice. And I have acquaintances who bring such interest into my life. I can't imagine being secluded from family, not having close friends, and not having all the characters who round out this life. The old adage "others come in to your life for a time, a reason, or a season" is true beyond belief. And we can learn so very much from all those who cross our paths. And I give thanks for each & every life I've had the privilege to cross paths with!

And I am so thankful for this Easter season to stop and be reminded of the resurrection. And what it means to me. And what it has given to me.

Tomorrow morning we're having chocolate chip pancakes and hot tea---Hank's request! And while he's eating breakfast, I'm going to hide plastic eggs and then we'll have a private Easter egg hunt! Without all the hoopla that will happen on Sunday with all the family around. Not that I don't want that too, but this year I have Hank captive for a time and I'm going to take full advantage!! Making memories!

Well, it's time to call it quits for the night & convince Hank that it's bedtime. That should be fun!! And then--off to bed for me.

Have a happy Easter!