Friday, February 29, 2008

TAG---You're It!!!

MY FIRST TAG!!!!! I'm soooo excited!! I have never been tagged before, and thought maybe no one knew I was out there!!!!

But now I've been tagged by Penny the Queen. So here goes:

1) You must post the rules on your post before you answer the questions.
2) You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.
3) When you are finished with your answers, you tag one person for each letter of your name.

M---Mousy--that was a nickname my favorite guy friend had for me in high school. He & I were raised in the same church, were in the same grade, and we were great friends throughout high school. I still see his mom and love her dearly. He, however, became an alcoholic and is forever "in and off" the wagon. I still love him like a brother tho.

A--Type A Personality-I think that is more of an affliction than a trait. And that's just where I fall.

R--Richly blessed!

I-Incurably optomistic. I am always trying to find the good & looking on the bright side.

E---Enough! I have enough craft supplies, material, books, magazines, to keep me busy way into my nursing home days. Just let me take all my "stuff" with me!!!

Those letters just don't have much creativity! Or maybe I am just brain dead tonight!!

However, I now tag: Shabbee Chick & Mosaic Queen, I don't know who else reads my blog that haven't already done this!!!

Went to the mall tonight to buy Hank's Easter outfit & shoes, and daughter a birthday present. Well, got Hank all taken care of, and my little princess picked a pair of shoes, but GUESS WHAT----lo and behold, I found a purse on sale for 1/2 of 1/2 that I just ADORE!!!! And heaven knows I NEED anaother purse---like I need another myopic eyeball!!!!! But, got it anyway. It has tons of beads and bling on it. And hey, it was 1/2 of 1/2~

Also got myself a diffuser. I have been wanting one of those, but when they first came out they were so danged expensive. So now Yankee Candles has them, so I got one!!! It's "citrus & sage" -- hope I like it!!!!!

Tomorrow is major cleaning day around here. It's been toooooooo long since I have really, really cleaned!! So, it's time. And, I also am having the family over for dinner Sunday, and I don't want them turning me in to the health department---oh, you just don't know my family! One of them would turn me in. Not really, but I don't want them to go away and feel they need tetnus shots!! hee hee And, I can't take this mess one day longer!!! So, here goes.

Then dinner on Sunday. We're having Shepherd's Pie, Pecan Crusted Chicken ( some of the family doesn't like/do beef????), Red Hot Jello Salad, Candy Bar Cake, and whatever else we decide to throw in. The best part is we'll all be here enjoying each other's company. Maybe another good argument will break out. After all, we don't see eye to eye on politics, and never fails, someone will bring that up!!! Gloves on!!! But we'll still love each other. And hug when leaving. And Hank will be there for us to laugh at.

Gotta run for now-have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

AAAA U A AA U AAAAA --Tarzan Yell!!!

Survivor is on tonight don't you know???? I like that show. I keep saying I don't like "reality shows" but I like this one. And I keep tuning in to bits & pieces of "Rock of Love 2". It's one of those "deer in the headlight" things. I just can't quit looking!!!! Those gals are so, um, well, um, how do I say ---SKANKY???? And STUPID---but then, who in their right mind would appear on that. I keep thinking that all of those girls who sleep with Brett Michaels are actually sharing "the moments"---YUCK!!!! The fact that he'll sleep with any gal who puts on cheap lingere, well, it won't surprise me WHAT he ends up with---get my drift???? Some people have W.A.Y. too much money!!! One of the gals at my office and I were laughing to think about being on that show:
Brett: Will you stay here and rock my world?
Me: Ok, but let's get one thing clear bucko--NO ONE wakes me up in the morning, I don't share a room with any BIMBO, I'm not into mud wrestling, rodeoing, pig chasing, paintball or wearing skimply outfits. I expect to have your undivided attention when I want, I expect gifts of jewelry to make me happy for an hour, and I DON'T DO SEX for all the world to comment on.
Brett: Huh?

It's warm again today! And should be through Sunday. It's beautiful and I love it, but I miss having my winter. I like cold weather and cold weather clothing. I can count on one hand the times I have worn my long coat. I LIKE MY LONG COAT!!!!! And I like gloves, and scarfs, and boots. Oh well.

Having daughter's birthday dinner Sunday, so Saturday it'll be race against the clock to get the house cleaned and the food prepped. My baby is 28. Unreal.

Saw a bit of Oprah today, and it was all about women over 40, 50 & 60. Wish I could have stayed awake for all of it!!! hee hee That's one of the downfalls of those ages. You sit down and relax and the mind/body thinks "well that's it for the night". So, after I woke, hubby & took the pudgy Corgi for a walk, then I fixed spaghetti!!! With tomato cream sauce. And hot artichoke dip. That walk did a lot of good!!!!!

Well, it's off to watch Survivor. I want to sign up for Survivor:Las Vegas. Who can spend the most at the casinos!!! Who can find the most wonderful buffet!!! Who can actually get into the shows!!!

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood---NOT

Did any of you watch the Oscars on Sunday? I like to watch just to see the fashions, and hear the jokes (?), but I have to admit, most (all) of the films and actors were news to me!!! I did see familiar faces in the audience--Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Frances McDermott, and most of the presenters were recognizable, but WHO ARE THESE NEW FACES????? I guess I'm just out of it. And so many of the new ones, I really don't care for. Pretty faces, I'll grant you that, but surface value is about all you get.
Case in point--Cameron Diaz--her dress was questionable, and if I had worn my hair like she did, well, let's just say I'd have gotten a call from my mom asking what the heck I was thinking forgetting to comb my hair before going out in public!!! Then she opened her mouth-----poor girl. I don't think she made good grades in speech in school!! Some of these folks need more than one "run through" before making a public speech!!!
And, guys, particularly Tom Hanks & John Travolta--let's do away with the "Just For Men". I really like Tom Hanks--would see any movie he makes, think he is quite an articulate, intelligent actor. But come on Tommy!!! Your hair dye is several shades too dark!!!! And I also like John--really like John. His dancing is supberb, and he gives a wonderful interview, but the hair cut????? Does Pee Wee Herman influence your hairdresser????? Just those two boo boos make their aging so much more apparent!!! Just let the gray show guys--go for the distinguished look, cause you both can pull that off with no problem!!! And you're cuter when you're natural.
Did anyone count the number of foreheads that don't move???? Can't make a dramatic point when your forehead is frozen in that "I don't know" place!!! Whatever thoughts I had of botox were erased! I want people to know when I am emphatic about something---facial expression included!!!
Now for the dress that made me barf---Tilda whatshername. Whose velvet curtains did she borrow? Or perhaps it was a monk's cloak that she tried to refashion by removing one of the sleeves. Was that B.A.D. or what????? Can you imagine if one of us wore that???? It made Carol Burnett's portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara's dress seem quite chic!!! And Tilda's hair----greased back and bound!!! That's mine on a sick day!!! But I will give her kudos for her name---Tilda, Tilda,Tilda. Rolls off the tongue.
Now I'm going way out on my limb here ---- I'm rather eclectic in my fashion and decorating ideas, so here goes---I actually LIKED
Diablo Cody's dress and hair!!!!~ Yes, it was campy, yes, it was different, but in a good way I think. I could totally be her friend!!! I didn't see her shoes, but I think a pair of black cowboy boots with tall heels would have complimented that dress. I'm being serious here. So much better than Tilda's. And she pulled it off. And she has a cute name too. So, cute names can be campy and eclectic if they have some taste--which I think Diablo does.
Off to Wal Mart---not too much camp and eclectic there. Pretty safe. But it's all I have to choose from today!!! ha ha ha
Have a good evening!