Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Graduate

This is my sister; she graduated from OSU-Tulsa on Monday night. I am sooo very proud of her. After high school she, as did I, married & began a family. She had some unfortunate set-backs which delayed her goal of a degree in finance.
But perserverence, which is one of her strongest traits, served her well. She attained her goal and now has her degree in finance. All the while working 40+ hours a week, raising two wonderful children (one a Jr in HS, one a Jr in college), volunteering, and succeeding in marriage.
She is awesome--I can't say enough about how proud I am of her. Of course, I would be proud of my lil sis even if she didn't finish this chapter of her life, but knowing the effort she devoted to this, I can't beam enough!!!
I never finished my degree; perhaps that adds to my pride in her. I got my associate's and, not knowing what I wanted to do, and being so caught up in being wife &mother (no, I don't regret that one iota!), I just didn't finish. And anyway--I'm a caterer! I have certifications in areas that relate to that & I'm happy with that.
Way to go sis!!!