Friday, April 17, 2009

All Quiet?????

A friend mentioned on my facebook page that all had been quiet around my place. NOT!!!!!!

This is what it looks like inside my head--ha ha! Over the past 4 weeks my mother in law has had 4 ambulance rides to the hospital & one lifeflight ride. She has had a mild heart attack, and a week later, a serious heart attack. She went to the ER all times with excessive nosebleeds and didn't even know that she was having the heart attacks. In fact, the last "serious" one was pointed out by the EMTs on the ambulance ride!!!
Well, (fingers crossed) we think all is well. The serious heart attack involved 99% blockage of a major artery that was the result of taking her off her Plavix for 6 days to stop the nosebleed! No damage but she did have a stint put in.
As for the bleeds? Well the ENT Dr has a plan. She must take the Plavix, and they can't give her anethseatic (sp) to cauterize the nose, so they have adjusted her blood pressure meds, and at keeping the pressure to 120 or under, her nose won't bleed.
Now aren't you glad I shared that with you????? The really stressful happening is that hubby is the "go to" child & is the one who goes to the house in the middle of the night, rides to the hospital, and stays to hear Dr reports. Bless his heart, he hasn't had much rest the past 4 weeks.
And this has been another BUSY catering time. For which we are extremely grateful! But it does take away from times that could be used for catching up on "zzzzz's".
And ---the GOOD NEWS---- Hank is going to be a Big Brother!!!!! Yea!!!!! I am sooooo excited. And so are Hank's parents! I've been so blessed by having Hank in my life that I am ready for more! The arrival will happen around the 6th of December--which happens to be my son's birthday!! Can't wait to find out what it will be so I can start the "packrat" syndrome for babies! So many sales right now & so much I want to begin making. I can feel the projects keeping me up into the wee hours. Yippee!!!
I just read an article in an area newspaper that was entitled "Making Memories". I always want to plan these "big events" to make memories for family & friends. And then I'm so tired that I don't even remember them!! But it is important to make memories--that's all we can really hold on to. Today Hank & I took a walk and talked about all the things we saw. I know at 3 he won't remember that, but I will---it's one for my books! And then we sat and put stickers in proper places in his Hot Wheels sticker book. Talk about fun. Just listening to the words of a child can be so uplifting (and doggone funny!).
He put a sticker on his wooden table and when I told him not to, that it would ruin the table he looked me straight in the eye and said "It will not wuin it! What;s a wuin anyway?" Good question!! What is a "wuin"!!! I'm certain my kids said the same cute phrases, but I've learned to pay closer attention to Hank. I want to hang on his each & every word. They go by so quickly.
Well, I feel I've captured your ear long enough with my boring recounts of life as I experience it. So I'll close for now and wish all of you a memory filled weekend!