Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Moment In Time

Hello blog friends!!! It's been a while since my last post--did you miss me???
Well, this morning, I decided to MAKE myself take a few moments and check in blogland.
It's been a slow week--which I desperately needed, and which makes me nervous. I loved having the "down" time--cleaning a bit, running errands, catching up on paperwork, but at the same time this thought keeps running through the back of my mind "Is the economic plunge coming to visit??" And that frightens me!!! I do have several bookings for Thanksgiving & December events, but the daily schedule looks slow. One big event in December has downsized due to layoffs. Guess I'm just thankful they didn't cancel (oh, oh there's a thankful post!!!).
In the meantime, hubby survived the first round of layoffs at his place of work. He works at a business that caters to the airline industry--both public & private--and it has affected them. There will probably be more layoffs, but we'll survive--I have a job all lined out for him--ha ha ha!!!
I really feel sorry for all those laid off -- there is no good time, but this time of year is so devastating for families. I went to one of my regular suppliers this week, and they are closing the public side of their business. Several people are loosing jobs on Nov 24. It makes me sad for them.
I think that we are suffering not only the effects of the recession, but the effects of the national greed. People have been pushed to keep up with the "Joneses" and to do it with credit. (BTW--who ARE these Joneses and why do they do so well???) Hubby & I went through the Dave Ramsey Financial course about 6 years ago--long before the recession was even mentioned, and it made such an impact on our financial security. We conditioned ourselves out of the credit card position--it galls me that credit has been crammed down our throats! It always made me irate to go to college events and see Visa & Mastercard set up ready to sign all the students. Credit had become a way of life for the American people and now we're paying the price. It's hard for me to sympathize with couples who can't make their $4000.00 monthly mortgage payment, or their $500 car payment while both working and spending like there was no end. For 4 years my car was a 93 Jimmy that had no bells or whistles, and didn't look great, but it was paid for AND it got me to my destination as well as a brand spankin new one! Sure I got some rolled eyeballs when I'd pull up into a lot of shiny cars, and when it would make funny noises, but it allowed us to save enough to make a substantial downpayment on a car when it was needed. And then, guess what!!! We DIDN'T buy a new, off the lot car! You know--the kind that drops in value the minute it rolls off the showroom floor! No, we bought a 4 year old car-and I am soooo proud of it. Not to mention that I am proud of the fact that we can make the payment even if our salary drops even more!
Ok, so much for that "moment in time". I just think the majority of Americans have confused "need" and "want".
I had to attend 2 funerals this week, and one of the preachers made a comment that caused me to think. He said something to the affect that we keep talking about the "good old days" and finally he asked someone why the "old" days were so "good". The answer came back that we had more friends, did more family things, weren't so rushed. And he said in this age of technology, where so many inventions have been added to make life easier, we still push ourselves faster and faster! It would seem that we could slow down and let the technology take over! So, I'm thinking about slowing down. Right after I get my "to do" list done! ha ha ha
Well, friends, I have written alot and said nothing, so I'm going to end this "moment in time" and go change the sheets. Then I will go to the "town kitchen" and make 16 dozen sugar cookies for the library tomorrow!
Enjoy the changing colors. Call a friend, visit family---at least have a slow cup of coffee or tea!