Friday, May 29, 2009

Way To Go Penny!!

Penny the Queen has retired from her career as an elementary teacher. She spent 30 years in the classroom as a special ed teacher & then as a 2nd grade teacher. Wow---way to go!
Now, Penny isn't "old" by any means!! She just took advantage of the earliest she could retire. I am envious! To have the leisure of picking & choosing what you do with each & every day. I don't know if I'll EVER retire--but I may quit-ha ha ha!!!
It's a shame that more people can't depend on retirement anymore. Many, many companies have done away with retirement funds, opting instead to let individuals manage their retirement through 401Ks & such. I truly don't understand alot (or even a little) about all of this, but I do know that persons of my dad's age could depend on retirement--without managing their own. And they could depend on continued health insurance along with the retirement. Today, we all just feel lucky if we don't receive pink slips on Fridays. Or if the companies haven't sold, declared bankruptcy, etc., etc.
Which brings me to this question--why the heck didn't I just marry a rock star???? By the age I now am, the rock star would have either been stashed in a rehab home or slowed down and quit the vices! They could have ended up talking/thinking like Ozzie---but I think Sharon has him pretty much under control. Now consider that--she put up with several years of bad behavior, but now she enjoys the bank accounts and she can tell him what to do. Ah, she must be feeling sweet revenge. Ok, so my mind is going off on it's own "trip"!!!
Today is Friday & the weekend is a bit full, but not near like last weekend. I may actually have a chance to sit on the back porch & enjoy the heat. Or pull some weeds from the garden. Do you supposed Ozzie & Sharon ever set on the porch--ok, ok enough with the Ozzie & Sharon questions--they just got stuck in my brain & won't leave!!! I wasn't even an Ozzie fan. Until the reality show & commercials. OK I PROMISE no more talk of O & S!!!
The weatherman just said it would be a boring weekend weather wise---that means none of the shows will be interrupted---and all the season finales are done. We can watch reruns in their entirety!!!
Well, must sign off for now. I'm rambling & am aware of it!!!
Maybe something major will come through my head that makes alot of sense, and is worth sharing tomorrow!! One can only hope!!!