Friday, March 7, 2008

What's A Gal To Do?

Ok, I got nothing---nothing! After reading some of my fav blogs, I have decided that I have the MOST boring life on earth---work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep. Never caught up, never anything out of the routine, nothing--I got nothing to say!

I'm in a funk. Got a bit of a cold, laryngitis--owe the IRS (thanks husband of mine for doing the taxes, and greeting me at the door with THAT news!), not traveling anywhere except to Tulsa for Spring Break, don't have new clothes, just same old, same old.

I guess that can be good. Could be bad news; however, I'm feeling just BLAH---hey Kari, maybe I caught your attitude problems????? I just feel like--well, I just don't feel.

Tired of hearing about everyone else's "wonderful" life.

Ok, this isn't getting anywhere for me or you. How depressing to read that someone is --- blah? I don't like to bring others down. Usually, I'm the cheery one. Maybe it's this cold, maybe it's this unending tiredness.

So, I'll close for now. Maybe the weekend will bring sunshine inside.