Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ok, so I waited a little too long in the evening for this photo--I'll try to take another, better one, but I wanted you to see the new city light fixtures and the Christmas wreaths that are hung in town. And this one is right outside my kitchen. I think it's quite quaint.
Thank God from whom all blessings flow
Thank Him ye people here below
Thank Him above you heavenly hosts
Thank Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Ok, so I took some creative license in the translation of that verse, but I think it actually makes it more personal. And I wanted to express just that on this Thanksgiving Evening.
I am thankful that I was able to bound out of bed this morning; that I had a house to sleep in; that I had Thanksgiving dinner with both sides of the family at the same house; that I am able to pursue my hobby as work--you know, the kitchen!!!; that my children are safe and secure; that we still have both sets of parents with us; that I live in this particular corner of the universe; that I have dear friends; that I have just enough to make life quite comfortable--not too little as to be in need and not too much as to become "haughty" about it; that I have gas in the car, bills paid, a perfect husband, ---- oh I could go on and on and on. But I am just thankful!
I think thankfulness is more a way of life, or a state of mind, than just a daily celebration. And I truly believe that as we live life being aware of all that we have been blessed with, we become more of the person God intended us to be. He allows us to choose our own state of mind--glass half empty or half full? Want to be an encourager or a discourager? Am I living 24/7 as He would have me, showing those around me each and every minute of each and every day His character, or am I plowing "full speed ahead" with my own agenda---disrupting all of His plans as I go?
I am so thankful for life in general---no, not for the trials and tragedies, but for getting up each morning, and understanding the slate is fresh and clean--that this is the day that He has made---I can rejoice & be glad in it or suffer from my own choosings.
I hope all of you reading this have had a wonderful day--that you ate too much---loved enthusiastically---appreciated humbly, and that tomorrow you have an idea of your many blessings!
Bon Nuit!