Friday, May 8, 2009

Has Anyone Seen An Extra Mind Floating Around???

Sometimes I wonder how in this big ole world I get through another day!! Sometimes I wonder where in the world my mind went!!

This evening we had a big catering event--in addition to two lunches, a cookie order & a cake order.

Well, things were rockin along so well. The lunches went out without any problems, the cookies were done WAY ahead of time, the cake is on schedule, and it appears that the evening is going to be all ahead.

As we are loading, the contact person calls and asks if things are going well. Well yes, I said, in fact we're loading now. This is at 4:45. I had us down to arrive at 6:00. Since she called I began to wonder--hmmmm, so I called her back to confirm eating time and she said 6:00!!! WHOOPS--I had the time on the schedule board ONE HOUR late!!! Luckily we were all loaded and I YELLED "let's roll!". We took off like Flash Gordon on his way to save the universe and we made the 30 minute trip in a mere 20---don't tell---we did break some speed limits!!!

So, we pull up and they have some help unloading and she asks "Do you have tablecloths" and I reply, of course, for the serving table. She replied "You are supposed to have them for the other tables".

It all comes back in harsh reality---she wanted to use my tablecloths. I had it on the order sheet and forgot to transpose it to the schedule board. I was soooo embarrassed!!!

The good part was, this was a high school sports banquet, they were in the cafeteria, and she wasn't upset at all. Bless her heart!

And we sat up in 15 minutes and had the serving line going on time.

So to make up for my faux pas, I bussed all the tables and served all the dessert to the tables instead of the buffet line.

Ever feel like you just missed the mark? They loved the food, and we had nothing but compliments, but I felt like such a dork! Forgetting the time AND the tablecloths.

I suppose accidents will happen, and things like this will occur. I think they happen to keep us on top of the game, but I will mentally beat myself up all next week for this!!!

Where oh where can my little mind be? Or where oh where did it go???