Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Right??? Left??? Pause???

Decisions, decisions--I want to sit here and blog; no wait, I want to go to bed; no, no I want to look at magazines. What's a gal to do??? It's 9:00 p.m., I just finished a long day at both the kitchen and at church (cooking the evening meal), and I have to get up early tomorrow cause I have 3 large events tomorrow, 3 larger events Friday, and 3 more large ones on Saturday. Chase those with 2 large events on Sunday and you have my cocktail!!! Ha ha. But there is sooooo much I want to do!!

So, is everyone finished with shopping for the season???? Please, PLEASE say no. Please let me believe I am not in the minority!! I have a few things. We are really cutting back this year. Not for the reasons most -- we do have jobs. But it's just time dang it! Why does Christmas get bigger and bigger. And why do we feel the need to spend more and more??? I'm freakin tired of it---the rat race to buy the love and adoration of those we shouldn't have to; the need to have our gifts out do our friends; so the truck stops here! It's time to go with fewer "things" and spend more quality time. And save more for the future.

Speaking of spending----I was at a women's event last week, shopping in the temporary bookstore (that was set up just so women would spend even more~~~arg), and did find a stocking stuffer I wanted. So---I ambled over to the check out area which consisted of two lines. Wasn't that neat? Two lines instead of one so that we could get out faster. The lines, of course, were still 10-15 women deep. Picked me a line and, as I became the 3rd person in line instead of #15, a cashier looked at me (sweetly, of course, this WAS a Christian event) and said "I see you're paying with debit card--this is the cash & check line". I laughed and then realized she was serious! So, being the obedient gal I am, I slunk over to the next line and became, once more, #16! Now I made it all the way to being second in line when the cashier said to her co-worker "Oh my goodness, our credit card swipe machine has just overloaded!" Then she looked at the line and asked if they wanted to "trust" them with their numbers and they would process payment the next day. No, I said, I'll just write a check. Can you guess what she replied??? Can you??? Yep! She said, "Well the check line is over there" CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? She actually thought I would step out of my position of #2 and go back to being a "16" for the third time!!! I looked at her, ever so demurely, and said "I'm not getting out of this line!". I guess she saw the determination (read fire) in my eyes, cause she said "Ok honey I'll take your check here, but the rest of you--if you want to pay with cash or check, will have to go to the next line" I think it was a glimpse of shopping to come, and let me tell you, I am terrified!

Never fails, if there is a new and confused checker, I have a radar for them. If they are in training, or don't speak my language, or don't like their job, I can find them in a heartbeat!!! So you see--I am sooooo looking forward to shopping!!!

Well, hubby just stopped by to say "GO TO BED", so I'd better sign off for now.

Have a restful evening!