Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Cake Walk on the Wild Side!!!

This is the latest cake I made---my niece's roommate at college had a birthday, her friends cake her a party, and I made the cake. I think it turned out kind of cool!!
Hope you're having a good Mother's Day weekend! Last night my daughter & husband & Hank came to my sister's, we ordered pizza & had a relaxing evening. Tonight I'm taking my mom to the Gaither Homecoming as her gift. She'll absolutely love it!!! It's something she would never do for herself, and I got 3rd row tickets!!! I'm looking forward to that. Tomorrow (Mother's Day) we're going back out to my sister's & grill & eat for the day!!! Lots of family in a short amount of time!!
I'm going to miss a dinner at my in laws tonight :(! Big Daddy's aunt & uncle are in from Idaho, and we don't see them often. I really hate missing this---I just love getting together with his side of the family. They are colorful, warm, loud, opinionated, everything you'd see in a sitcom bunch! It's always alot of fun. I am contributing tho!! I offered to make a BIG pan of lasagne. It's in the oven as we speak, and I'll take it out before leaving for the Gaither's, so at least I'll get to see them.
Every considered how HARD mother's work on THEIR day????? Wouldn't it be nice if, just once, the hubby and kids came together and said "NO WOMEN WILL WORK ON OR FOR THIS DAY" Well, we can dream can't we? Can you imagine being banished from food prep, from anything at all but sitting on your hiney? I can't -- I love my dear family, and they are good at lovin, but at special events, they falter. So, I try to compensate and do for my mom and mother in law what I would like for someone to do for me.
Hey, that's what "do unto others" is all about-right????? If we are aware of what makes our lives special, and we don't give that to someone else, well, we aren't really living the Golden Rule!!! I don't think "do unto others" should exist only in certain arenas. Such as work, or shopping clerks. It should apply to every minute of every day of every week. I really think we only get as good as we give. That's the reward of the earth. When we get to heaven, no one is going to need us to "do unto others" cause we'll be changed to the mind of Christ, and He lived a life like that, so it'll be first nature. The "do unto others" relates to this life. And these people. And this time.
Ok-off the soapbox now!!! Anyhoo---you moms have a great day. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Pick up the trash, set out the dishes, and think of how special you are!!! If only in your own thoughts!! No really, just know the hubby and kids love you for who you are, they just aren't equipped to express that. After all~~~they aren't MOMS!!!
Relax at the end of the day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Good "Old" Ways

I really should be getting into jammies and bed right now, but something happened that was pretty funny!! And I just HAD to tell someone!!!
Big Daddy has an uncle who is past 80, and is married for the 2nd time. His wife has had some major problems (as has he), and she can no longer care for herself, so she has been admitted to a nursing home.
My mother in law called to let us know that Uncle V tried to put an ad in the local newspaper where he lives. He wants to buy a wife!!! She is to be between 30 and 50!
Oh it gets better than that!!! His oldest son had a "life in" girlfriend several years back, who is now living in the same town as Uncle V. He called her and offered her $50,000 to move in and be his wife!!!! Talk about moving on!
His daughter lives in the same community as we do, and mother in law talked to her about the "purchase" Uncle V is trying to make. Needless to say, his daughter is on her way to his town to try and get him into the facility with his wife.
His WIFE---one isn't even completely moved out, and he is trying to buy another!
I just find this funny---
And we thought raising our kids was bad!!!!!
Well, if you are in the market for an old fart, with money to spare, a dirty house, and probably just as dirty a mind, let me know!!! I can fix ya right up!!!
Gotta run now as I'm in between cakes---just had to share!
Isn't life fun!!!????####

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hey Friends!!!! What's going on in your neck of the woods???

Tonight was Wednesday dinner night at church---BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Pasta Salad, Tossed Salad & Caramel Cake.

AND---I had a catering dinner to serve @ 6:30!!! So, I spent Tues evening cooking & this afternoon cooking, and then at 4 left the church kitchen in the hands of my trusty assistants, and scurried off to the home to be served!!!

What did I serve??? Lasagne, Steamed Veggie Medley, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Garlic Cheese Bread, Cheesecake w/Lemon Blueberry Sauce, and Chocolate Sheet Cake.

My sis & I served the meal, cleaned up and were loading up to leave when lo and behold the tornado sirens went off!!! Can you say "Clean up in seconds?"!!!
We did!!! That place was spotless, trashless, and the car packed in the shortest amount of time you can imagine! I think WE looked like the tornado!!! Then we beat it home in torrents of rain. Sis kept saying "that looks like a wall cloud". I just told her to keep her eyes open, that I wasn't stopping til I got home. If I have to go to the fraidy hole, I sure ain't goin with that bunch of people we served!!!! So, we drove like mad women. I told her we could be known as the "Twister Sisters"! She didn't think that was too funny. I think she was more afraid of my driving than of the storm. Anyway, we made it home safe and sound---perhaps a little wet, but all in one piece.

Boy it has rained and rained and rained! I expect the weeds will take over the lawn before it gets dry enough to mow!!!

Now I just have a cake to have made for Friday afternoon, then a graduation cake for Tuesday. For 300! It'll just be a full size sheet cake and they'll cut the pieces really, really small!!!

Time to take the cakes out of the pans. So, see ya later alligators!!!