Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's The Deal?????

Much of my new job description is travel---delivering breakfasts and lunches to surrounding communities. Mainly to the Tulsa area. And I have had such a revelation---speed limits are only guides. They mean NOTHING.
Last Friday I had to go and pick up chafing dishes in the downtown area before making a delivery at 7:00 a.m. I travel around 30 miles one way to this area. So, leaving at 6:15 a.m. I hit the nearest highway, and zoom-zoom-zoom---suddenly I am on the motobaun! The speed limit is posted at 65 miles per hour. That is obviously just a suggested speed. If you travel at the posted speed limit, other cars fly around you at such speeds as to make your headlights spin! And if they get behind you, and have to travel for more than 30 seconds, you can count on being ridden on the bumper. Which can be quite jolting if you gaze into the rear view mirror at sunrise. The sight of headlights in one's back seat can cause one's heart to jump in fear!!! If it takes more than 30 seconds to pass you, these superspeeders have been known to tap the horn as in "would you PLEASE go faster!!! When they can finally pass, you can be certain you won't get the good morning smile! Usually the face made is a grimacing frown!!! So why have speed limits???? Is it part of a game to see who can get there first while avoiding the black and white? And where in heaven's name IS the black and white at that time of day??? The highways are full---FULL---and what an opportune time to hand out those tickets they so adore passing out! Guess it's too much work to try to figure out WHICH ONE will receive the ticket of the morn! Or maybe fresh donuts are too much of a temptation -- and hold the attention for much of the morning. (oops that was quite a generalization)
Truthfully, I don't see much of a change at any time of day I am on the road. It's just been so dadgummed obvious lately. Guess that as I only had to travel 2 miles for the past 16 years to work, I didn't see how traffic etiquette had changed. Certainly didn't have to exceed 25 mph to get to work on time. And as I plan deliveries carefully, I usually am not in a hurry. But the rest of the world is! And I just don't understand posting one speed but allowing 20-25 mph over that. I don't know---just griping!!!
I overbooked last Thursday and it just about ate my lunch! And then I was quite busy on Friday and Saturday, and Hank came to spend the night Friday so off to the football game we went. Then on Sat his mom and dad decided they would just stay here also. So, after delivering a dinner at 5:30 on Sat, and a quick run to Sam's for supplies, daughter dearest and I picked her hubby up at school and headed over to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Got home at 8:15 and back to the kitchen to clean and prep for a Sunday delivery. Up Sunday, cook and deliver at 11:30, then back here for a birthday dinner for Big Daddy. Then took daughter & Hank to their car and back to see son and his gal pal. I will work any "odd" hours if it means I can spend time with the kids.
The good news??? I have the morning off!!! Yea!!! I actually get, yes I said GET, to clean, do laundry, and get the Halloween decor ready. Then to the kitchen after noon and prep for Tues. Plus I have got to do paperwork and get taxes ready!!!
My oh my, I never dreamed I'd be this busy or work this hard physically! Or love it so much!!! I did take time to do the Sunday crossword. Love that crossword. And doesn't that keep the brain active and alert?? I need that!!!
Well, I'm signing off for now. More from the kitchen later!!!