Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Stopping In ~~~~

Hey blogfriends! It's been a wild ride around here. New grandson on Dec 3, hubby had stroke on Jan 8, son married on Jan 30 & shoulder surgery on Feb 18. Whew--all that and a catering kitchen to run. But, it's amazing what one can do when pushed.

I have discovered that I can function with one good arm & one in a sling. I kind of resemble a Tyranasorus Rex--two arms held up to the chest. I'm thinking I'd make a good comedy sketch! I have learned that I CAN frost & decorate a full sized sheet cake, pull homemade rolls, roll out dough, and on and on with this "handicap". It's all between the ears--what you determine.

My jonquils are blooming--I think what I like best about them is their determination. It's been cold, rainy, cloudy, and yet they stick out their little yellow heads to see what's going on in the world. And the color they add to the dreary days is inspiring. I want to be a daffodil. In spite of the clouds around, I want to add color & hope to each & every day. Pansies have the same trait. They bloom amidst the snow & stay til it gets too warm. Kind of a promise of things to come. They arrive when we are so tired of gray days and yucky weather and tell us to "keep watching---the best is yet to come". And aren't they right? Soon all of the summer flowers and foliage will be in full bloom and we'll take for granted the beauty. We'll forget about the winter blahs, and fill our homes with the blooms that create such life. So right now--I"ll be a pansy or a daffodil and hope for the brighter, sunnier, more colorful days that are sure to arrive.

Have a great weekend.