Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Have I Been????

Wow-it's been a long LONG time since I updated my blog--hope I haven't lost any friends--It's just that summer has been long & hot, and alot has been happening. The picture above pretty much sums up what I do 24/7. I cook, bake, serve, arrange, display, and do it all over again. The above was a "pink & black" shower given for a friend of my sisters. It turned out really cute and, of course, the food was deliciouso!!
And then there's Hank--the apple of my eye, the treasure of my heart. I try to have him at least one night every two weeks--I'd have him over more, but his mom & dad are stingy & won't give him up. It's like they LIKE him or something!! ha ha But he is growing like wheat--and now he's going to be a big brother. Mack Alexander will be born sometime around Dec 10. We are too excited to describe. AND--the kids are trying to move back to this area. Like 5 minutes away from me. Like I will see them every stinkin day if I choose!! Nooooo I'm not glad at all!!!

This wasn't part of the above shower, but it was for another shower. Seems like all the gals are requesting pink and black! Well, I like the combo also, and I like the zebra effect on the cake.

These were part of the pink & black shower. They were really cute! Oh it's so much fun to take creative license! And most of the time the shower givers let me.
This summer wasn't nearly as slow as I had anticipated. I really thought July would be a lazy time---but NO! It was extremely busy. No complaints tho--it pays the bills! The past two weeks were a little slower but the calls have been coming in this week. One year ago today I was so afraid of jumping feet first into this venture. I was working my final days at the school and trying to understand all of this catering. Now, after one full year, it is so much more comfortable! I do miss the office crew & the comradery that we shared--I have to stop in & see them every so often. And they do call on me to provide food when needed, so the cord isn't completely severed!
But life has definitely changed. And I am working my butt off and enjoying (almost) every moment! Except when I drag home exhausted. Which is at least 2 or 3 times a week. But after a good nights rest, I'm ready to rock & roll again.
AND--I have become an addict. Yes, I admit it--I have joined the wonderful world of facebook. It has hooked me up with so many friends & acquaintances I haven't heard from in eons. It's been fun to have popcorn conversations.
AND--hubby has gone back to work---yoo haw!!! We once again have insurance & steady income (from him). I'm certain he feels better about himself also. He's back in the aerospace business & we are fully aware that could change at any given moment. But for now, we'll just take one day at a time.
Ok, gotta run & email some quotes for fall events. Just wanted all of my cyber friends to know I will still be reading your blogs!