Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down Time

I found some pictures taken last year during our Colorado vacation & thought I'd share them--perhaps again? I don't remember! Anyway, today I have a day off. And I'm running around trying to do anything and nothing. I start one thing then decide to go to another. So, as usually happens, nothing will get finished!!! Our days are so filled with timelines, committments, meetings, etc., that we have totally forgotten how to just "be". Just sit & relax. Try it---bet your mind's voice will start to tell you the house is dirty, the laundry needs folded, dinner needs planned, projects need finished, the lawn needs mowed. And on and on and on it goes. Until sometimes one just has to say STOP!!! And see the flowers!! (Nice seguey, huh????) I'd love to be looking out the front window and see this--it was soo cool (temperature) there. I'd like to just take it all in once more. Guess in my mind's eye???
And these beautiful poppies---we were so enamored with the colors of the mountain flowers. With all the 100 temps here, the flowers are spending all their energy here just surviving! But up in the mountains, where the days are cool and the nights are cooler, and streams flow around each and every corner, the flowers can take the time to work on those gorgeous colors!

Aren't these lush? They remind me of velvet. Maybe a Valentine's flower, or a Mardi-gras flower. Love those combinations of Mother Nature!!! She's certainly not afraid to combine the most vibrant of colors in the most unusual of ways. Extravagance of the eye!

And now, I'm thinking of a couple of other things I can run to. Oh right! Relax!!!
Have a great day!