Thursday, March 27, 2008


You read it correctly--it's not a grammatical error. That's what we're having here today--springsummer! It was quite cool on Tues, but today---85! I don't want to go straight to HOT weather--I look forward to just barely warm days, and sweater wearin nights! Love the coolness of evening, when you can sit out on the back porch and wrap in a blanket. Ah yes, that will come. This is just a teaser!!! Rain is on the horizon and that will cool the weather off!

Just wanted y'all to know I haven't dropped off the earth, nor am I in the depths of deep despair---it's been a busy week! Tonight I am going to a hospital to visit the family of friends whose dad/husband is in an induced coma. Don't really know what happened--no brain bleed, no heart attack, no stroke, but he had some seizures, and each time they try to bring him out of the drug haze, he seizes. They have decided to keep him in this state til Sunday. His name is Gus and he's about 65--say prayers for him please.

Tomorrow evening, mom, sis, daughter & I are off to some sorority function for my darling niece. It's a casual "legacy" dinner. She's an Alpha Sigma Alpha. This has been really good for her the past two years, bringing her out of her shell and all (she doesn't need it around us--but she's lacking in confidence!). Anyhoo, off we go!! My daughter was a Delta Zeta and wasn't very active. She just wasn't the sorority type. But Kelsi is!!!

Do you ever wonder why, why, WHY people have to be so, hmm, well, hmmm, bitchy????? One of my co-workers doesn't like me. She has never said as much, but you always know. And another has seen it. She doesn't really DO anything, as much as she makes me crazy!! Well, yesterday she did a little something and I really let it hurt my feelings. Left in a huff. But, today I put my feelings back down inside, removed them from my shoulder, was the bigger person (?), acted like "no big deal"---and you know what? It worked. I felt better. My attitude changed. I could have ranted and raved to all the others and had myself a little pitty party, and what good would that have done, except to show everyone else how small I could be!!! So, now that the day is done, I am proud that I didn't show how she got to me. Bitchy---But now I feel a foot taller inside, just knowing that I really can control myself, and I don't have to give in to feelings!!!

So I came home and baked a huge pineapple upside down cake. NO WAIT--I'm not eating the whole thing!!! Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month, and sis always has me bake a cake for her office staff on the last Friday. To celebrate monthly birthdays. It's big, and smells yummy. I adore pineapple upside down cake---my favorite cake is the one without frosting. Don't really care for frosting. You know what's really good???? Brownies with ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup and nuts!!! Or chocolate cake with that. Oh boy, that sounds good. What do you like to eat in the summer? I also LOVE Dr. Pepper floats made with chocolate ice cream. Oh now come on! Try it, it's great! Really, no really! Try it!!!

My father in law still makes home made ice cream for every function in the summer. And it's the kind you cook--real custardy!!! Can't wait for those summer dinners!!! It's so good you can't stop eating it!!! Made from a recipe of my husband's great grandmother!

Ok, there goes the diet. No wait--I love to walk all over my little town in the summer. So it evens out. Do you like to walk outside? My BFF Penny & I have been know to go out for a walk, see an interesting house, and ask if we can see the inside!!! You can walk from one end of town to the other in about an hour. And we always see something new and different. AND--I find money---pennies, nickles, dimes, sometimes even quarters!!! It pays to walk! ha ha ha

Well pals, I have to go now. Just some thoughts falling here and there. Have a good evening.