Thursday, May 29, 2008

Please Add Mackenzie To Your Prayer List

Hi everyone---I just have a quick moment this morning, but I want to seek the prayers of everyone out there.

There is a 14 year old young lady, named Mackenzie, who is in a children's hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma this morning, and she and her family have received some very grave news.

After struggling with severe back pain for the past several months (and being under Drs care all of this time), they finally did MRIs and found two large masses in her pelvic area. She had exploratory surgery on Tuesday which revealed Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Additionally, they found a "spot" on her back--results haven't come back on this yet.

Last evening at church, the pastor seemed quite reserved when telling the congregation--which isn't good. He then prayed for a miracle in Mackenzie's body--which is unusual for him.

Please, please send this request on, pray for her, and stand in faith for her.

I'll be back after the day of shopping I have planned!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NO TV---WHAT ??????

We lost our cable connection!!!! It's been off & on since Friday evening. Saturday we watched Talledega Nights in desperation. It came back on, and then Sunday we lost it again! So we watched Volunteers in desperation. Yea, I know, we have no good movies in the house! Although, Ricky Bobby does bring some laughs. Come on, he really does! Who else prays to 8 lb 6oz baby Jesus---(forgive me for laughing through that one dear Lord).
And, I am off this week, and nothing spurs my housekeeping energy more than hearing the drone of the TV in the background. When it's tuned to HGTV I get all inspired, and begin rearranging furniture. When Food Network is on, I begin cooking. And when I Love Lucy is on, well, the day is free range! Now I have nothing but the CD player (which I have to change each hour or so, along with finding inspiring music) and the radio station. It gets pretty challenging talking back to those DJs.
So, here I am, talking to my bloggie friends. With music playing in the background. I'm thinking of tuning into a "foreign" station, and trying to decipher the meaning!!!
I did have one "literary" moment last night. I read Vanity Fair---the article about Bobby Kennedy. You know, I was 13 when he was killed, was 8 when JFK was killed, so I don't have alot of "internal background" on those times. Textbook authors didn't have time to disect the history by the time I got into high school or juco. So there is so much I didn't realize about those times. Or maybe I was too interested in "Letting The Sunshine In"--- "Hair". Somehow so much escaped my memory. Like the fact that LBJ HATED Bobby. And didn't even like JFK. And that Mitt Romney's dad was governor of Michigan. I feel so stupid!!! I wasn't aware that Ted Kennedy didn't want his brother to run for president. Or that Bobby was such a looser at public speaking--interviewing--carrying on conversations. Or that alot of Ethel's push for the presidency could have been her jealousy of Jackie! It's a good article, and now I want to read the book. Although, it's going to burst my bubble. In my childish mind, I liked Bobby and thought everyone else did too. They were quite taken with his funeral after all! And he had all those kids. And Hickory Hill.
Sometimes I think it's too much for the "people" to know everything about the leaders. We become calloused to politics, to authority, and, please, please, don't point out all of Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson's shortcomings. I need SOME heroes! We need someone to be leading us for the right reasons!
Ok, don't send me snippets cause of my historical ignorance. I did take Oklahoma History in college & made a 4.0 thank you very much. And took American History 1776-1865 with another 4.0. So I do know SOMETHING!!! It's just current history (what's wrong with that statement!!!), I don't latch onto. My brain is full and small.
Can you tell I don't have any noise in the background, and that I don't have a schedule to which to adhere????? Ok, I'm signing off for now, I have a cake to decorate.
But I'll be back (in the words of the Governor of California!!!).
Have a great morning........

Monday, May 26, 2008

Decoration Day~~

Decoration Day---anyone else remember it being called that? My grandmother always called it that--I guess cause it's the day to "decorate" graves.
It's raining here--wouldn't be Memorial Day if there was no rain! For years upon years, we spent Memorial Day at the lake (hey, we built boats!), and it always, ALWAYS rained. Which brought on the Memorial Day Card Game Marathons. Always played the same game---Liverpool Rummy. I still like that game. And you can not imagine how competitive my family of in-laws are about this game. Especially the more they imbibbed!!! We always had a good time, and lots and lots and lots to eat!!!
So today, we are not going to the lake---no more boats you know!! But we are having the whole fam-damily over for a cookout. Rain or no rain. We're going to grill everything but the cobbler and potatoes! We'll have pork roast, salmon, hot dogs, hamburgers, asparagus, zucchini, onion, corn on the cob--all cooked on the grill! As there will be limited room (!), the baked potatoes (idaho & sweet) will go in the oven. As well as the fresh blueberry cobbler!!! Oh, and the cornbread!!! Come on over---there will be plenty!!!
I haven't been to the cemetery. I really, really DO NOT like to go. But this year I may. I have already made reference to my brother & hubby's brother who were the same age---and they are both there, at the same cemetery. Along with grandparents, uncles, etc. All at the same cemetery--did I mention we have lived in the same town all our lives? And so did my parents, and grandparents. Big Daddy's family lived only a few miles up the road in a little community that is now almost deserted. So, we don't have far to go. I really don't like to go. Mainly cause I think we should honor those we love while they are living--hence the family affair today. I know, I know, there are graves to be decorated, and honored, but it seems so "after the fact". I prefer my family spend that extra few minutes with me NOW, not when I'm not there to enjoy their company!!!
On a lighter note---hmmmm, what can I say that will change the mood? Oh, I know!! I finished the Sunday crossword puzzle yesterday without cheating!!! Wow --- I love doing this! Makes me feel soooo smart!!! It's written that working crossword puzzles stimulates the brain, and keeps your neurons snapping! So, I'm practicing for old age!! ha ha ha ha
And on an even lighter note---I have taken this week off from work!!!!~ I had a vacation day, and 3 personal days left, so I'm putting them to good use--for my own selfish intentions!!! If there is one thing I have learned later in life, it is that there is never enough time devoted to self. Days, weeks, months are filled with obligations of work (which must be had to pay the bills--you thought I LIKED working?????), services for others and betterment of mankind, and not enough time for self!!! So, one of my mid-year (Memorial Day) resolutions is---play a little, sleep a little more, do what one wants to do a little more. I don't think, lying on my transition to heaven bed, I'll be thinking---gee, I really should have gone into work and left all the good times of self service undone; wish I had written one more grant, cleaned the desk one more time, spent extra time at the office one more day!!! Nope, I'm going to remember putting my feet up, splashing in puddles with Hank, and just wasting time! I'm feeling a "channeling" of Jimmy Buffet!
Wouldn't you like to be a Jimmy Buffet song? Wastin away in Margaritaville!!! I am ready to be a gypsy---a free spirit----a hippie revisited----
But for now, I'm going to fix lunch and clean the bathrooms!!! Wastin away in Pinesolville!!!
All of you have a great day--take a nap for me! And waste some time. Memorialze play!