Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood---NOT

Did any of you watch the Oscars on Sunday? I like to watch just to see the fashions, and hear the jokes (?), but I have to admit, most (all) of the films and actors were news to me!!! I did see familiar faces in the audience--Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Frances McDermott, and most of the presenters were recognizable, but WHO ARE THESE NEW FACES????? I guess I'm just out of it. And so many of the new ones, I really don't care for. Pretty faces, I'll grant you that, but surface value is about all you get.
Case in point--Cameron Diaz--her dress was questionable, and if I had worn my hair like she did, well, let's just say I'd have gotten a call from my mom asking what the heck I was thinking forgetting to comb my hair before going out in public!!! Then she opened her mouth-----poor girl. I don't think she made good grades in speech in school!! Some of these folks need more than one "run through" before making a public speech!!!
And, guys, particularly Tom Hanks & John Travolta--let's do away with the "Just For Men". I really like Tom Hanks--would see any movie he makes, think he is quite an articulate, intelligent actor. But come on Tommy!!! Your hair dye is several shades too dark!!!! And I also like John--really like John. His dancing is supberb, and he gives a wonderful interview, but the hair cut????? Does Pee Wee Herman influence your hairdresser????? Just those two boo boos make their aging so much more apparent!!! Just let the gray show guys--go for the distinguished look, cause you both can pull that off with no problem!!! And you're cuter when you're natural.
Did anyone count the number of foreheads that don't move???? Can't make a dramatic point when your forehead is frozen in that "I don't know" place!!! Whatever thoughts I had of botox were erased! I want people to know when I am emphatic about something---facial expression included!!!
Now for the dress that made me barf---Tilda whatshername. Whose velvet curtains did she borrow? Or perhaps it was a monk's cloak that she tried to refashion by removing one of the sleeves. Was that B.A.D. or what????? Can you imagine if one of us wore that???? It made Carol Burnett's portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara's dress seem quite chic!!! And Tilda's hair----greased back and bound!!! That's mine on a sick day!!! But I will give her kudos for her name---Tilda, Tilda,Tilda. Rolls off the tongue.
Now I'm going way out on my limb here ---- I'm rather eclectic in my fashion and decorating ideas, so here goes---I actually LIKED
Diablo Cody's dress and hair!!!!~ Yes, it was campy, yes, it was different, but in a good way I think. I could totally be her friend!!! I didn't see her shoes, but I think a pair of black cowboy boots with tall heels would have complimented that dress. I'm being serious here. So much better than Tilda's. And she pulled it off. And she has a cute name too. So, cute names can be campy and eclectic if they have some taste--which I think Diablo does.
Off to Wal Mart---not too much camp and eclectic there. Pretty safe. But it's all I have to choose from today!!! ha ha ha
Have a good evening!

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