Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins & Other Things

Here comes the Great Pumpkin--right down Pumpkin Lane.
That just goes to show why we don't have Halloween Carols--they're too hard to pen!
It's been a long, long time since I've had a few minutes to post. And will probably be a while before I do again.
But, this being my fav time of year, and being I don't have much planned for the next few minutes, and being I have missed this soooo much---here I am!!
My little pumpkin, Hank, is ill--he has flu & pneumonia. But, they started him on meds, and the Dr thought both were in the early stages, so he's home recovering. Just hate it when kids are ill. It's difficult to be pleasant when you are adult & ill---millions of times harder when you're only 3. And to this day, moms & dads don't get that. You have to become a yaya before it totally sinks in!
Plans for Halloween? We have the annual Trunk or Treat here in town, and Friday is the Merchant's Costume Contest---I think we're going to participate this year--depends on the weather. That's right, I said the weather. We are planning to do something to the outside of the kitchen front & if it rains Wed & Thurs (as predicted) that could put the hiatus on that!!!
I would like to take the time to carve some pumpkins--and by golly I just might. That's one of the things I miss most about having kids at Halloween--they keep you accountable for all the "traditions". Making costumes, baking cookies, carving pumpkins, fixing hot cocoa. All of those things that make this season so fun--yet are so easy to lay aside when no one is there to push the point. I think that's the reason we get old! We forget to have fun--to play--to create. And we become grouchy old blobs!!! So, get up off your tush & let's get to celebrating!!! Ok, I think I'll do some more decorating. Or maybe I'll go ahead & bake some cookies!
Drove through a neighborhood last Friday evening that was really decked out--didn't have my camera!! boo hoo Sooooo I think I'll go back one evening this week & snap some shots!! Hope they don't report me!! I'll post them too!!!
Have a good week all---and get to having some fun.

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