Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jobs--Thanks to Sunday Scribblings

I just love writing--and mainly about useless, less than noteworthy subjects!! But, I do like to see the written word. And this intrigues me---everyone's jobs. Mine haven't been spectacular, but here goes:

1. First Job--had to have been babysitting. As the oldest in the family, I was well prepared for this, and as a "responsible" young teen, alot of moms called on me.

2. Worst Job--worked at the tag office for exactly 2 weeks. Yuck!!! No interaction with others, having to type perfectly---

3. Best Job to Date--probably the 2 1/2 years I spent as a dental assistant. I loved the pace, the changes from hour to hour. I was too young & silly to actually consider becoming a hygenist, or even a dentist. But I look back on those days as really ,really fun ones.

4. Fun Job--worked at 3 ladies clothing establishments. Granted they were in small towns, but I had fun. Didn't make anything!! Traded most of my pay for clothing.

5. Most Tempting Job--as a legal secretary. Worked both in my home town & at the larger metropolis as a legal secretary. The tempting part was that I worked for men really close to my age, and we were all young and not very rationale! Would put the phones on hold at 3 on Fridays and go out for Happy Hour!!! This doesn't meld well with a hubby & children at home, so it didn't last long!!!

6. Current Job--as an administrative assistant for the school superintendent (read secretary & catch all person!). Have had this job for 15 years!! And I was only going to stay 2 or 3. But life hands out changes that we don't foresee & I have been forced to stay in the workplace. I'm working for my high school driver's ed teacher!!! (Now Supt of Schools). It's a great place to work, it's 5 minutes from home, and there is no pressure.

7. Dream Job--caterer & baker. Am currently trying diligently to make a place for myself in this area. For the past 5 years I partnered with another secretary at school & we did "after hours & weekend" catering. During that time I took cake decorating classes. Last Nov I bought her out, and have stayed busy with the catering. Still, I would like to do this full time. That "stable paycheck" won't let me!!! Maybe when I get a little more ahead.

8. Fantasy Job--would be a chef & caterer full time. And people would look to me with awe, seek out my dishes, stand in line for my food, and schedule months in advance for my services.

9. Fact About All Jobs--have never, NEVER applied for any job!!!!! The dentist recruited me out of high school, the law office came to me to see if I would fill in, the school contacted me on the recommendation of a college teacher, and the retail shops liked the way I put clothes together so they called me. Have had several other jobs along the way--owned a ceramic shop, taught painting lessons out of my home, etc.

All these jobs--so little time left! ha ha ha


Kari & Kijsa said...

We think the clothing job would be the best....but we'd probably never take a paycheck would be spent before it got there!

kari and kijsa

Phyllis Renée said...

How cool is that?! All of it. My current job is the only one I have ever said that I loved. And I do absolutely love it!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I've worked a lot too...and am myself an admin. asst., so I know what all that entails. Luckily, mine is fun too & I get to do some extras & not all boring stuff. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me!