Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Silly Ya Yas

Guess what???? This wasn't even close to Halloween!!! This is what my silly ya yas & I do when we get together. And it was last spring!!! We had gone to the "upscale" shopping center and had lunch at a quaint little sandwich shop. Then headed out to shop at the stores, found all these sunglasses, and began trying them on, rolling with laughter. The salesperson kind of acted like she didn't speak English the first time we asked her to take our picture, but when we beg long enough, we can get through to people!
Like I said, every now & then we go to the "upscale" center--you know the type, none of the women work--their position in life is to shop. And they all are so "hoity toity"--and so when we grace them with out presence, I'm sure they have something to talk about for weeks!!!
Every read Jill Conner's "The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love"? Or any of the Sweet Potato Queens?? If you haven't GO NOW and get a copy--quit reading and get the book!!! It is one of the funniest things ever, EVER!!! These gals honestly dress up and attend parades & functions as the Sweet Potato Queens!! I so want to be one of them. I guess you could call my ya yas & me "Sweet Potato Eyes"--you know, queens in training!! Being in the "upper mid south" we still consider ourselves "southern bells" (with bats in the bellfrey!), and have uproarously good, irreverant fun when we are together.
We haven't gotten together in several months, so an outing is due & I am soooo ready for a day with them. Talk about cheap therapy!!! No subject is too sacred, no bodily function too taboo, no family problem too secret---oh my granny's garters, I miss them -- the phone call is going to start tomorrow!!
Anyhoo---just thought I'd share a little fun tonight.
Have you ever been so pooped that you were lethargic???? I'm there sisters! I think I have pushed so hard the past two weeks that I'm below empty. Must not have heard the "low fuel" bell go off! This morning I just couldn't get wakened--managed to get dressed & make it to early service & Sunday School, but when I got home all I could do was through on the loungewear and sleep! Woke up, had a sandwich, and here I sit, posting this through yawns!!! Hubby said my body is trying to catch up, but I think it just stopped dead in its tracks. The skidmarks on the sofa are from my body rushing to lay down! I just hope I can shake it before work time tomorrow!!! Oh well, I'll just take some Excedrine Migraine--it's got so much caffeine that it gets me going for a while!!
Oh boy--Desperate Housewives is on! Bye!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Okay- we sooo want to go out on such a fun expedition with all the ya-yas!! I bet those store ladies are still talking!

kari & kijsa

queeniep said...

Good Gosh! Yep I am looking mighty fine on that day with my girls. If my parasite mind can think back to then, we were celebrating my 49+1 Bday. Love it... yep its time to get together. I dont thnk we have discussed my 'issues'. hahaha

tommiea said...

How close are you to would love Cherry Street. Lots of fun shopping, there is a farmer's market in the summer, an awesome coffee house . You and your yayas would love it.

Kari said...

I wanna join, I wanna join! I'll even bring my own goofy sunglasses.

T*mmy said...

I love this picture of you and your Ya-Ya's!! My Ya-Ya's just happen to be Red Hatters and I'm the baby, I get to wear a pink hat and join the fun...I wish I had got a picture of us trying on some sunglasses that were similar to these! We have such fun...I can be in the bluest funk and they always pull me out of it!

Have a great day!