Saturday, October 13, 2007

Workin 9-5

It's SATURDAY!!! And here I am, sitting in my Target Halloween lounge capris, faded Old Navy Halloween t shirt, with a house full of clutter, laundry, cleaning, projects---decorating a cake for a noon shower, and watching an A & E Biography about Dolly Parton.

I like Dolly--and she is one amazing lady. I remember watching her on the Porter Wagoner show growing up--I thought she was sooo pretty. Then, as I got older, and didn't think I liked country music, I kind of left her. I was reunited with her beautiful voice while watching "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas". I began to follow her again, from a distance, then. Now, watching this bio, I am reminded how business savy she is, how genuine she is, and how much she & I are alike. That's right--I said Dolly Parton & I are alike!!! I have even been told that I have features like Dolly--now before you go looking for a photo of me---NO--it's not those features. I have been told by a few (probably legally blind) people that I have a smile & eyes like Dolly. Interesting, as most people probably couldn't remember those features to compare!!! But, as I listened to her tell of growing up, the similarities deepened--Dolly was raised in a Pentecostal home--so was I (well 1/2 of the home was), Dolly always loved to sing, so did I (and I still do), Dolly has no reservations about singing & acting, neither do I, Dolly doesn't take herself too seriously, neither do I, and the most similar characteristic--she states that everything she does, she does in a big way. SO DO I!!! I love hard, hurt deep, go 24/7 non stop, attack any new interest with gusto--to the point that I run my interests into the ground. Dolly loves her husband with no reservations--same here. Even tho, sometimes we don't seem to match our mates-- And Dolly loves people---I do too. I find people so very interesting. I'm often labeled as "nosy" and "too curious for my own good", but in my eyes, every person is special, unique, and has a life story that impacts this life.

Ok, I'm rambling, but my point of that last remark is--every person on this earth is one of God's creations. At some point in our lives, either something happens to us, or doesn't happen to us, than affects how we choose to go on. We can choose to be the very best in our capacity, regardless of what life has thrown in our path, or we can choose to sit back, be filled with the "whats wrongs" in life, and become so bitter and mean that we loose the meaning of why we are here.

Some can choose to embrace love--not just love for another person, but love for what God has given to us--the beauty of a new sunrise, air to breathe, taste for this journey and so on and so on. Some of choose to look at what "we are owed", who "wronged us", who to blame for our "lot in life" etc. Some choose to make the very best of each challenge handed them, take care of the physical person, the emotional person, choose surroundings (people & circumstances) that elevate us above the "crud" of life. Some choose to sit back and blame others for misfortunes, fill minds and bodies with what will anesthetize, bring instant pleasure, erase thoughts, regardless of the long term impact of the "soother".

I guess that's what I most admire about Dolly's story--she was brought up in the humblest of stations in life--12 children in the family, dirt floors, poverty--yet she chose to focus on the love she learned at home, the possibilities that awaited her, the need to be a productive individual--regardless of the long hours and hard work it cost her. And I guess that's what I WANT to be a similarity between she & I. Regardless of the sweat along the way, I want to be the very best I can possibly be--to experience all that life shows me in this setting--to share the love of humanity, spirituallity, creation that runs so deep inside.

This morning my dad called to wish me happy birthday--now dad is quite a character! He's eclectic, eccentric, and conservative! When leaving me a note, an email, or a card, he always signs his name "your earthly father"!! And this morning he reminded me of his old nickname for me "Sweet Pea". Then he told me something that just grabbed my heart--I have to make you understand that my dad is of British heritage, and has, throughout my life, been VERY reserved with his emotional displays (until his later years). He said that when he married my mom, she became the light of his life, and that when I was born (I am the oldest), the light began to shine my way!!! Isn't that sweet?? And it didn't really hit me til I got off the phone. My dad never, never told us kids that he loved us, hugged us, things like that until after my brother was killed in an auto accident at the age of 19 (way back in "77). But that opened up a new phase of "dad" and, to this day, surprises my sister & me. That's just one of the things that I am thankful for on this day. That I actually know my parents love me & are proud of me--don't ever have to wonder about that. And it's a great lesson--I have had a determination for the past several years to let those around me, both family & friends, know how much I care for them. Even everyday people I encounter at work or the store--I want to leave them with the feeling that I am just overflowing with love for humanity!!!

Ok, maybe this is a hormonal day---but hey, it's a good one!!!!! Enjoy this Saturday---love the one you're with---teach your children well---and listen to Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young! And Dolly!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi! I noticed you've visited my site and wanted to pop over and say hello! You are so lucky to feel so cherished by your father, even as an adult! My father was/is not at all like this, so I've never really felt the love of a father. My husband makes up for it to our own 3 kids, he tells them every time they talk how important they are to us! You sound like a busy and talented girl with lots of balls in the air! I'll stop by again to say hi!


Kari said...

Wonderful post! I loved reading it. Circumstances have caused me to examine certain things in life here lately. My cousin's accident has "high-lighted" some things that have made me realize the difference between those who see the glass half full and those who see it half empty, you know what I mean? And having spend so much of my adult life as a cynic, I'm happy to say that I believe I've been converted! lol I LIKE feeling good about people and loving people and smiling all the time. Therefore, it goes without saying that I love YOUR take on things...I love how you want to be loving and upbeat. Count me in on that. (Except for all matters related to menopause - I plead insanity on that one!lol) And, before I forget, thanks for the kind message you left on Joey's site. I appreciate you taking the time to do that and I know Joey and Karen appreciate it, as well.
By the way - I always liked Dolly, too. Remember that song from Best Little Whorehouse? Hard Candy Christmas? I just love that. I still have the soundtrack album (how's THAT for showing my age. lol). And I remember something Dolly said about being fat. She said she used to pray and cry and ask God to help her lose weight and couldn't understand why she never lost the weight and then one day she heard God say "well, if you want to lose it, get off your big butt and exercise". ha,ha I know I screwed up that quote, but you get the gist, right? She's something gotta love somebody with her kind of attitude on life!