Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, here's another Friday!!! They just seem to come so rapidly anymore! And I just seem to cram so much into the "in between" days that Friday is lookin good!! That and it's payday! Gotta love that payday---
Last night I participated in Taste of CV and it was a small success. Not the turn out of last year, but advertising wasn't as good either. The organization lost it's director in July, and I truly think the effects of her good works are just now being felt! But, had rave comments on the food I served & cake I decorated, handed out lots of cards, so that, in my eyes is a success!!! The downfall is that MY FEET STILL HURT!!! At least at the office today I can sit on my fanny!!!
Dear Penny has returned from the Ukraine with what I sweetly call--"travelers trots"!!! She was even admitted to the hospital yesterday for 24-48 hours observation--extreme dehydration & some type of intestinal bacteria. What a welcome home!!! You go & help another area of the world, do your good deeds, and end up with yucky stomach!!! Feel better today Penny!!!
Let's see, a bridal shower tomorrow, a cake tasting tomorrow and a cake for Monday evening and I'm finished for a week!!! Tuesday has a glow around it!!! Fall break for the school is Wed - Fri, so I'm off those days & WHOO HOO I get to keep Hank!!! He just isn't old enough to know how I'm going to spoil him those days!!! We're going to take pictures at a pumpkin patch (already have a custom "pumpkin patch" frame), eat ice cream and play, play, play. Oh, and I'm going to take him around showing him off!!!! Looking forward to Hank coming over puts a lift in my step!!! That kid is soooooo lucky to have me as his ya ya!! I'm going to be the one all the other kids envy!!! ha ha ha
Get to have dinner out with my kids on Saturday evening!!! Hubby is taking us out for my birthday---BUT no age will be discussed!!! Have you seen Kenny Chesney's new video for his song "Blink"---makes me tear up every time!!! And it's soooo true--you blink and the years roll by. So--to all my blog homies---let's make a pact---let's (from this minute forward) make the most of each day. Sounds easy huh? Maybe we should wear reminders--post its all over ourselves saying "I am making the most of this minute"!!! Thanks for the reality check Kenny!
Hey--I gotta get off here and frost two cakes to take to work with me this morning!! They are small, small, small, but they still need my attention!
Have a great weekend friends--more later.

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tommiea said...

Having a deployed spouse definitely makes you realize you have to make the most of the moment. While I would never wish this on anyone, I have learned alot about myself and our marriage.

Hope the weekend is going well.