Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boo Hoo to Me!!!

Well, I'm going to whine a bit this morning--mainly cause if I rant at the family, I get the old "oh it'll be fine" speech!!! And I know, I know, many of you out there have to travel much, much farther to see your kids/grandkids, BUT. . . . .
Daughter & son-in-law (or should I say, the formerly loved person who is stealing my grandson???), are moving on Sunday. His grandfather gave him some land & they are moving to an apartment type home that is on the land. When he finishes school, they plan to build. And who can turn their nose up at 55 acres, but, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, it's 1 1/2 hours away, and I have had daily visits with my grandson since the day he was born! In fact, daughter lived with us for the entire pregnancy while son-in-law was in Iraq, and then they came home from the hospital to MY HOUSE, and lived here til little one was 3 months old!!! AND--they bought a house just 5 blocks away---now little one is 18 months old and they are ripping him from my care!!!
AND, worst of all, other grandmother lives just a "jump" away from where they will be staying!!!
I'm loosing my position!!! He won't remember me!!!! I'll NEVER see him!!!! What am I supposed to do for my daily "Hank Fix"!!!! HE NEEDS ME!!!! They won't give him everything his little heart desires like I do!!! They won't let him eat chocolate pudding for supper like I do!!!! Oh woe is me!!!
Like I said, I know some of you have it much worse, and I know that "this too will pass", but right now I feel betrayed, unloved, unnecessary, un -- you name it, I'm that un too!!!
Ok, I feel a bit lighter, not better understand! So I'll go and prepare for work. That little spot of heaven that I go to from 8-4 each day!!
Oh, I nearly forgot--today is good after all -- it's Wednesday & I will "feed the multitudes"!!!! And we'll have cake--just to make myself feel better maybe I'll eat two pieces!!!
Thanks friends, for letting me vent. And have a wonderful day!


Kari said...

I feel 'ya! My granddaughter is in Japan. What the heck? JAPAN???? Who authorized that? Certainly not me, THE GRANNY. My eye's twitching just thinking about it....

queeniep said...

Well darlin', I am really really sorry. So heres the deal. We will kidnap him. We will call it yayanap! They will never guess where he is until his 21st birthday! hahaha not really.
He will remember you, because you will call him every night and see him once a week at least. You can meet the(girl that was your daughter) in T-town for supper after work AND if (you know who) is deployed, she won't stary in Tim Buck To. She will come home to Momma!
Talk to ya later... this will not pass, but together we will conquer.

Kari said...

You have GOT to enable your e-mail so I can reply directly to you! lol Yes, Blu-boy is a chow-chow and Sydney is a chihuahua.

Glad you like the red front door. I definitely RECOMMEND doing it! I'm soooooo loving it. I've been saying I was going to do it forever and finally got bored enough the other day to go buy the paint. And then I was even MORE bored the next day and broke down and slapped it on the door. Boredom...every housewife's nightmare...ha,ha

Sandi McBride said...

Pam, my granddaugher lives an hour away and we see her quite a bit...I tell myself I am her favorite Grandma (who really wants to be favorite, right?) RIGHT...While we don't see as much of her as we did when she lived in the same town, she's now old enough to call me (every night) and so soon will your little one...Arianna is now 8 and she has known Grandma's phone number since she was 4. Good luck with all that, there's not much I can say that will make you feel better, so go get a big dish of choclate choclate chip and at least you'll feel loved.