Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Furry Kid!

This is Abby --we call her Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street!). She came to live with us last year. I have always wanted a Corgi & a friend of my kids moved and couldn't take her. She came to live with us and became a spoiled Corgi!!! She has quite an attitude--can be very stubborn--loves to play & go for walks, and we love her very much. Abby just celebrated her 4th birthday in June, so we hope to have Abby in our lives for many year. Anyone out there have Corgis? Would like to hear how you feel about them--any special oddities. Or anything you want to share.


tommiea said...

Just had to come say "hey there" from Penny's blog..

Welcome to blogging, you will love it!

As for Corgis...the only thing I know about them is they get along with French Bulldogs. The lady we got our bulldog from raised Corgis as well.

Little Town Big Life said...
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