Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Think I Have This Right!

I think I finally have this blog right now!!! I have been trying and trying and have had all kinds of problems, but success ??? And I have my dear, dear friend, Penny the Queen, to thank for getting here! Patience has been spent on me--thanks Penny--you really are a Queen!
This is my first actual post! And I hope one of many--
Back to work today after a long, long weekend. I love weekends until Sunday evening, when the magic disappears! Then it's like a fast train, coming towards you at a remarkable speed, and there is nothing you can do except watch it! But, hey, weekdays are ok--
I am content with my "day job"; have a few fun people to work with. I really like my "after hours" job---catering & baking cakes!!! Someday when I am grown (at 105 years old), perhaps I will do that as a "one job only". That and craft my heart away. Used to do that years ago, and miss it terribly. I still purchase all the craft "stuff", which drives my man crazy. But when I go into the sewing machine, or look at the stacks of paper, glue, supplies, it is like visiting old friends. And occasionally I get to finish something!!
Ok, hope this posts well. And I will update my page and add pictures later.
Tonight, it's off to eat with my ya ya friends. They are the bestest in the world--and yes, Penny the Queen is one of em! They are the only really trustworthy friends I have. So hugs and kisses ya yas! And see ya in a while.

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queeniep said...

You got it sister... you are in the world of blogland, not Lincolnland! Have a greatt night.