Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Love Lucy!!!

So, I was watching "I Love Lucy" this morning--you DO understand it was a rerun, right??? Anyway, I was watching & it was the time they were in Paris, and she & Ethel wanted a new designer dress, and she was going on a food strike until she got the dress. Well, you know how it goes, she fools Ricky, Ricky finds out, Ricky fools Lucy, and on and on. AND she gets the dress--it's price? $500 Now, that was 55 years ago, and prices have skyrocketed to today, and it hit me----I STILL HAVEN'T SPENT $500 ON A DRESS!!!!! That just totally blew my mind--that still to this day, I think the most I have ever, ever spent on a dress is around the $200 mark. And I was so proud of that dress---now it seems rather tacky. OMG---I am a hillbilly!!! Maybe my aunt did marry my grandpa and my dad is my uncle!!! Maybe I have the fashion sense of Charlene Darlin (you have to have watched Mayberry). Maybe I should move to the wrong side of the track, down by the city lake, and consort with those living in vans!!! Next thing you know, I'll have "bend over people" in my flower bed!!! I don't even SHOP where $500 dresses are available. And I thought I the mall was my friend. I am soooo embarrassed! I am shamed!!!! I am humiliated!!!! And how in the heck do women pay for those $500 dresses? Maybe that's why Tulsa County is the "meth capitol" of Oklahoma---is that who is wearing those $500 dresses???? You would think I would have noticed the toothless, skinny, paranoid gals in those designer dresses! No, that can't be who are wearing them--they're passed out by sundown, and those dresses haven't been spotted at the Piggly Wiggly in town. And I know it's not school teachers--I've seen their paychecks! So, if regular band leader wives who lived in teensy apartments in NYC and played games with their budgets in 1952 were able to have ONE $500 dress in their lifetime, how did they do it---why can't I??? I don't even have a $500 car payment!!! I want to survey all who read this---how many $500 dresses do you have in your closets, and what do they look like? I do love Lucy, but I now realize she & I could not have been friends. How could I have hid this from her? And then, when she inevitably did find out, I would have been at the end of her nose--she would have dropped me like a hot tamale! Maybe I will go back to patterning fashion after Aunt Bea---I can say with authority that I believe she would have NEVER spent $500 on a dress!


Kari said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post earlier. Must be the menopause. I forget so much. I may have mentioned that in the past, though. But I can't remember....

Anywho, the most I've ever spent on a dress was $180. And it wasn't for me. It was my daughter's prom dress. I'd be afraid to wear anything that cost that much! I'm too much of a slob. I'd spill coffee (or gin, whichever drink is more necessary at the time - Just kidding!!) down the front of my "designer outfit" before I knew what I was doing. So it's best I just wear my Cato faithfuls, you know?

T*mmy said... are a funny gal!

You mentioned all my fav retro shows too ;)

I've never gave over $100 for a dress...the first one being my wedding gown in 1979 and the second one being the mother of the bride gown for my daughter's wedding in 1998 came in at $99.99...

Great post...thanks for visiting my place!

Shabee Chick said...

I have never spent $500 on a dress and never will and think those who do are out of their godforsaken minds! $500???? Do you know how many days you could EAT on $500!!!!

Except a wedding dress. I did spend over $500 on a wedding dress. Does that count?

Okay, then. I take it back!

And nevernevernever refer to Oklahomans as hillbillys! :) There are no hills here! LOL!