Friday, September 21, 2007

Such A Dork!!!

Ever have one of those days when you look in the mirror and think you look pretty good, then get a picture of yourself back and wonder what the heck you were thinking??? Well, I'm going out on a real thin limb here and putting my face on my blog---if Penny can, so can I. She'll miss me if I disappear!!!
So, I got new glasses & contacts. But I really like the glasses, and they are comfortable, so I may wear them most of the time.
AND, this is my new "do" that I patterned after Posh--hmmmm looks a whole lot different on me. But hey, it's fun and hip so I'll keep it. The problem is, your hair can have all kinds of body in the bathroom and then when you step out into the Oklahoma humidity it falls like a bumped souffle!!! And I don't have much body anyway. So, I'll just be such a dork with faux Posh hair and red glasses!!!
Abby, the corgi, wanted in the picture too--she kept whining and whining so that's her. Boomer, the cat, not so much. You can tell he's not real thrilled about photo ops. You may notice a bit of "bare skin" on his tummy--that's left from his "pulling his hair out" problem. You see, we babysat a 9 month old corgi this summer, and then when the corgi left, we also left on vacation, leaving Boomer here alone! So, when we came home, we noticed he was pulling his hair out--belly, arms, tail & legs. You think that isn't attractive!!! He looked like he had mange!!! Luckily he's an indoor cat or someone would have probably hauled him off. After a couple of weeks of hair removal, I took him to his vet, who, after examining him thoroughly, announced it was an emotional problem. Dr. She said there were a couple of options in treatment--we could try a cortisone shot, or we could put him on "kitty prozac". Now, I love my cat, but the prozac was NOT an option. So, we chose the shot and after a week, he is looking much better and doesn't have a grooming fetish!!
It's so good that it's Friday--I am looking forward to a lazy (kind of) weekend, cause next weekend is a killer---too many catering jobs!!! What I won't do for money!!!
So, blog friends, now you know what a dork looks like!!! I'm signing off for now; have to go make cakes & sit on my fanny for a bit!


queeniep said...

Hey spice girl... or is it cake lady? I get the two of you confused!
Lookin good, not anymore dorky than moi! 7 days to Paris!!!!!!

Kari said...

Well. Let me say first that the dog is adorable. My dad (who lives in Midwest City, OK) has a corgi named Elvis. Crazy, funny dog. And second of all...I'm terribly sorry but you are entirely too young and hip looking to be my friend. Not that I don't have young and hip looking friends but you've led me astray and made me think we were of like minds and bodies and were also fellow sufferers of this horrible thing called menopause. But YOU don't look old enough to have graduated high school, therefore, we are finished. I will miss you.
Good day, missy.

Okay, just kidding. Stick with me. Maybe some of that young hip stuff will rub off on me. lol

Shabee Chick said...

That haircut is FAB-OO!! Love it.

And puh-lease tell me that Boomer is named after Boomer Sooner!

Because if he's not, we can't be friends.