Saturday, September 22, 2007


It's Saturday--I want to play, I want to sleep, I want to watch TV, I want to blog---but I HAVE TO CLEAN HOUSE!!! I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to. Ok, I will.
Don't you just HATE days when you have all the energy & drive to have a fun day & the responsibilities of a house are evident all around???? I wouldn't clean, I would blow it off, but I have alot of catering to do next Thurs-Sat, a family reunion to cook for on Sun, a women's meeting at my house on Mon---I just can't let the house go. So, I'm going to send a "hey y'all" out to all my blogger friends and MAKE MYSELF get off my tush and CLEAN HOUSE.

I don't know if I shared this, I don't think I did, but my son-in-law was exempt from deployment to Iraq. We are celebrating quite joyously. Not that he doesn't intend to be patriotic & do his duty, it's just that this would be tour #3, he is in a competitive college program, they just sold their house and moved last weekend, he still has an injury from the last tour that hasn't been taken care of, and his son is 18 months old. That plus, he didn't make a career choice with the military, and had been discharged 1 1/2 years ago. I know it's never a "good" time for anyone, but we ducked the bullet this time and we are relieved. To all of you out there whose loved one is serving, we salute you, we thank you, we honor you, and we pray for you. It doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong at this point, we just need to make sure our support is for our troops. So God Bless You, you remain in our hearts.

Had dinner with my son this week, you may remember his wife left him in June after 15 months of marriage? He's still struggling, he's sad and lonely. And it's so difficult to watch a 28 year old have to deal with this. It was so much easier when he was 10 and I could do things to take his mind off his troubles. It just breaks my heart when he returns to an emplty house that they chose together. And it breaks my heart to see that he put his all into love and this gal, and it gets ripped in two. All I can do is pray for him. And believe that "this too shall pass".

Oh no, now the craft room is calling me--it heard me here on the computer, and all those unfinished items are wanting my attention. Dear me, this will make CLEANING HOUSE even harder!!! I just wish I could take a month of "time off" and get some things done around here. Anyone else struggle with that? I see all the pictures of your beautiful homes on the blog site, and I have all these ideas for my own place, and not the time to follow through. You won't be seeing my house on this site for a long, long time!!!! Unless you want to see "mission organization" before pictures!!!

Ok, ok house I hear you. You are dirty, messy, dusty,---I'm coming, I'm coming!!!

Well dears, as you can see, I'm being torn in different directions. Hopefully, I'll make some headway and can check back with you guys tonight---after a major purchasing trip for catering items!!!

Have a great Saturday.

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Kari said...

I feel your pain! lol My sister and her husband are coming from Florida in about 6 days to spend a week. Yay! All excited! Yippee! Blah, blah, now I have to clean my freakin' house. We rearranged our bedroom this morning and I have to tell much dust as was on the headboard, I'm amazed that we both didn't develop respiratory illness from sleeping in there. And I've been noticing that my ceiling fan blades are starting to look really...fuzzy. Guess that means they need dusting. But I'M BUSY! Hello! I'm blogging! Doesn't that mean anything to anyone? lol But I can't have my sister reporting back to my mother that we're living like pigs so I guess I'll have to clean the place up a little. What a pain.