Monday, September 17, 2007

Halloween Madness!

OK--is it too much? I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday, I think. That may sound odd coming from a Southern Baptist gal, but this is the only holiday that a grown up can still be a child. I love the idea of dressing up, decorating the house, passing out candy, carving pumpkins, parades through town, and, since I love cats (especially black ones), this holiday just screams my name.
I could wait no longer to decorate. Saturday I cleaned & decorated all morning. It never looks the same from year to year, but that's part of the fun--finding new theme decor!!
I tried to crop the photos & send closer images, but, technical wiz that I am, couldn't figure it out.
I especially like the cat skeleton that I got for my birthday last year. Oh, did I also tell you my birthday is in October--adds to the celebration!!
And, I'm not finished yet!! I still have the bathroom to decorate--my hubby just doesn't understand my need to decorate!! He stands at the foot of the attic ladder, and with each tub I hand down he says "Is this it?" knowing full well that drives me bonkers!!! He also adds (each year), "you need to weed some of this out". At which I respond--"which child would you weed out if someone asked? these are like my seasonal children, they have sentimental value, I love them". Hubby just rolls his eyes!
Well, dearies, this is my holiday and I'm sticking to it!!!


Susie Q said...

I love Fall, I love all the holidays IN Fall and I LOVE Halloween! I am just now beginnig to do my decorations and just loved seeing yours! LOVE 'em!
I will be back soon and often, Followed a link from Kari...
Thank you for sharing your decorations! : )

tommiea said...

i love fall...the decorations are cute. I have pumpkin stuff out but not Halloween yet. My kids have been parading around in their costumes already though.