Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What About These?????

Just got through reading the hilarious Just Living Large--oh Kari, you crack me up!!! I was thinking back to MY days in high school. I don't think we HAD clubs--small town, small school. I remember we had "thugs" "greasers" "soch's" and "cheerleaders"--maybe those were clubs. I didn't belong to any of them. I had the occasional crush on a "thug" but wouldn't have been caught with 'em! They were the guys who wore the "beatle boots" and "leather jackets" and had a cigarette hanging from their mouth. Oh, and in small towns, there is always a chance of "mixin it up" with the guys in the other towns--thugs always did this. Those that stayed in school usually came to school on Mondays hung over and with bruises!!
So, I was wondering what clubs there could be at the high school now--I work at the school and am not familiar with any clubs (remember, small town). Maybe I'm expecting them to have "club" in their name--could include FFA, Student Council, Cards In Action (aka CIA), Future Educators of America, etc. And this pushed the "crazy" button in my mind. I began to imagine what clubs could be found in this small town high school. From what I have observed, there could be:
Pierced To The Max Club--we have some of those members, they have
piercings in their noses, ears, eyebrows, tongues (I keep hearing that's a
"special" piercing????)

Duh Club--we have some of these too--they are the ones who, after you ask
them questions, look at you like you are speaking an alien lanugage! You know,
you ask, "What is your name?" and get a response like "uh, well, uh, I uh,"
Forget it!

Cow Poop Club--they are usually a part of the rodeo circuit. Alot of these here.
Now, granted, there are some lovely young ladies, and worthy guys who are
Mr & Mrs Rodeo, but come on--the trucks these kids drive haven't been
washed since the last cattle call!

The Fashion of Young Bellies Club--ALOT of these gals here. You know them-
their bellies are sticking out beyond their, hmmm, ta tas and should never see
the light of day. Now in all fairness, some of them DO cover their bellies, but
for crying out loud, is Saran Wrap a new fashion yes yes?

Ok that's just some of the craziness floating around in my head. It's all your fault Kari! You opened up that Pandora's Box!!!
Maybe I'm just toooo tired for words. Have been fighting a migraine the past 3 days---down the neck, up behind the eye, down the arm, good Lord, is there anyplace a migraine DOESN'T affect??? Then, after the migraine subsides, the effects of all the medication taken to rid yourself of it raises it's side effects--constipation, nausea, to say nothing of the migraine hangover. Wonderful---fuzzy head, zombie like days. Add these affects to Menopausal Symptoms 1-35 and I am just a delight to be around!! I hate everybody---I don't remember anybody----I don't know what I'm doing here---aarrgghhhh!!!
Thanks, Dad, for passing on that gene to me. Couldn't have been the mathematic intellect--had to be the migraine!!!
In spite of all that-----aren't you just panting to hear more------I have a business luncheon, a wedding, a reunion, two cakes, and a ladies meeting to cook for all before Monday!!!!! So my feet hurt, my mind hurts, but, hey, everyone likes my food!!!
Can you tell I'm rambling??? It's got to be the migraine hangover. So, I'll close for now. I hope to check back in before I leave for the wedding (an hour & one half drive) on Saturday. Just cross your fingers for me. I'll be sane again one day (Kick in Lexapro!!!!)


queeniep said...

Well, lest add one more club, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree club. Some times I met the parents of a duh kid and mom and dad are duher! Is that a word, dont know!
Have a great weekend. I am so craving some of the banana foster stuff over cheese cake! I think I just go have me a little dream about it.
tootle loo darlinnnnnn

Kari said...

I'm lovin' the "Duh Club". And the fact that QueenieP says the parents are even "duher". lol I think most of those kids must have migrated down here after dropping out of high school (don't kid yourself - you KNOW they're either dropouts or FUTURE dropouts). So many of the Duh crowd seem to work at the places around my little town. The totally blank look and the "what?" said ever so slowly really give them away, you know? I weep for the future of our country sometimes. And then I just get ticked because DUH shouldn't be a response to a simple little question, and yet, that's the response so many of these brain dead little twerps give!!! Good grief...I'm starting to rant. Must talk to the dr. about having that hormone dosage upped just a tad.