Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Ridin the Draggin Wagon!!!

Dear me--I forgot a person could be this tired!!! It's 130 in the afternoon, I've been cooking since 5:30 a.m. and am only on break!!! Delivered food for a business quarterly meeting at 7 this morning--Menu?? Lasagne, Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, Steamed Vegetable Medley, Green Beans Amandine, Spinach Salad w/Citrus Dressing, Cheesecake w/raspberry sauce & chocolate sheet cake. And, yes, everything is homemade & was for 50. Then began making potato salad for 200!!! I have a wedding tomorrow evening about 1 1/2 hours away, and again, it's a full meal, PLUS---I'm making the wedding & groom's cake. (No fool like an old fool!). I wish the catering business would allow me to quit the school job, but not so much right now!!
I'll post some pics of the wedding cake & see what you think. Needless to say, my puppies are barkin!!! Last night I actually broke out in hives! HIVES! I have never, ever had hives!! Can't believe they itch sooooo bad---- Whine, whine, whine -- I just had a cheese sandwich!!!! With my whine!!! How appropriate. Now I am going to sit on my fanny for 45 minutes, and then back to the kitchen.
I just wish I had time to comment on all the great blogs I've been reading!! Love Kari's at Just LIvin Large. Believe me sweetie--I have some pet peeves, and I'm going to share them as soon as this BIG EVENT is over!!! And Shabee Chick sent me back in time & wanting cinnamon toast. I hope you haven't all moved when I finally can spend 6 or 7 hours blogging!!! ha ha ha
This has been such a fun thing to enter my life. I feel like I have all these new friends, and we don't have to get dressed up, be on time, feel good, or anything to keep in touch!! It's better than therapy!!! But not better than anti depressants--give me time. Maybe it will be!!!
So, I'm heigh ho heigh ho ---- love the little guys Kari!!! I'm lookin like I belong to them!!!
Later friends!!!


Chery said...

Hey girl,
I'm worn out just reading your blog!! I'm going to send up a little pray that you will have lots of energy this weekend!! This is my second time to visit your blog. I am a middle school registrar. I can so relate to your life, Lexapro & all! Visit my blog at:

Susie said...

Saw your comment over at Tammy's and thought I'd say "hi" You're one busy gal! I got exhausted just reading about all that cooking!

Kari said...

Can't wait to read your list. I may not be posting for a day or two (or three or four!). I've got out of town company. My dad and stepmom are here from Oklahoma and my sister and her husband will be here tomorrow from Florida for a week. I can just imagine what some of your pet peeves are! I'm thinking of doing "Part Deux" of mine. I'm discovering more and more pet peeves as I go along today. lol
I'll, OF COURSE, try to get my Menopause Madness Monday post done because really, what's a Monday without b**ching about menopause, right? I live to complain...ask anyone who knows me. ha

queeniep said...

His sista-- We are here in Ukraine... I left an email and also infor on my blog..
Miss ya guys